Post-Sandy gas for trip from NYC to upstate New York?
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Post-Sandy gas for trip from NYC to upstate New York?

My partner's best friend is getting married in Monroe NY this weekend and festivities start tonight. My partner and I live in Brooklyn and are going to try to drive up there tonight. She's got a little Honda that currently has a half of tank of gas and gets about 30-40 miles per gallon. So basically we have enough gas to get up there, but will definitely need to get gas to get ourselves home safely. What are our best options to get gas now that its like we are living in the 70's gas crisis era again? Is it better to find gas here in NYC, or find it upstate? Any idea how long to plan on it taking at the pump with lines?

As a followup, any advice on best way to get upstate from Brooklyn with the current conditions? Planning on leaving around 3pm.
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I don't think NYC is your best option. I was in relatively unaffected parts of Brooklyn last night, passed a million gas stations that aren't even that close to affected areas, have power, have road access, etc. and none of them had gas.

I saw people siphoning in Bed Stuy last night. Not sure if it was consensual siphoning or stealing, but shit is getting dire even in parts of town where there "should" be gas. Upstate might be better, just because there are fewer people, alternate routes for gas deliveries (shipments? how is gas distributed?), and less likelihood of crazy sketchy shit.
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The gas stations in NYC that have power are out of gas. I would not suggest coming here in search of gas.
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Thanks for answers so far, yeah the situation sounds freaking dire here in NYC, just read a report of a person pulling a gun in a gas line. And just in case it isn't clear, the car is currently here in Brooklyn NYC, so we are driving out of the city, not into it.

So i guess the question now is, is the situation in upstate New York just as bad?
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I'm in central NY (Oneonta) and there is absolutely no problem with gas here.
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Can you call somebody, even if its just a random gas station at the destination, and find out if gas is readily available?
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Can someone else in the bridal party (or just someone else you know attending) fill up some gas cans locally upstate and meet you halfway?

(also, the problem down here is that no tanker ships can dock because the port authority is worried about them hitting debris in the water.)
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Hanging out in Western NY (near Rochester), and all systems are go at the gas stations.
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Otherwise, do you have any friends or neighbors in brooklyn with cars but who do not plan on driving anywhere any time soon? maybe you can siphon some extra from them into spare cans and replace it on your way back.
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obviously if you go the siphoing from neighbors route it would be a good idea if they were outside and present with you instead of just giving permission, as the last thing you need is some exhausted and cranky local cops thinking you're looters.
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So just heard from somebody who is up there already they were able to get gas after waiting an hour or two. So i think the plan now is to drive up there with the half of tank we got and then just find a gas station tomorrow morning armed with a good book.

Thanks all for the answers, it is definitely reassuring to hear about people in central and western new york having no troubles. Reading the news and pages like this were making me really worried. Love you metafilter.
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Monroe is hardly upstate; it's not that far out of the NYC metro area. I know here in the Bronx, and in southern Westechester, there is very, very little gas, but perhaps driving an hour north of here makes a difference, I don't know. I do know that I would be much more comfortable searching for gas in the Monroe area and that'd you probably have more luck than you would down here, but it's certainly no mom waited over two hours in a gas line yesterday. In Westchester! Monroe isn't THAT far north of Westchester, certainly not as far north as places like Oneonta and Rochester, and is more dependent on the city for its resources. (I imagine.) Just know that, even if the situation will be better than in the immediate NYC area, it still won't be very good.
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Yeah, definitely planning on a multiple hour wait at the pump tomorrow, just glad it seems a little more mellow, at least violence wise, than the situation here in NYC.
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I've been driving to and from work every day. Driving isn't the problem, getting gas is. There is a long wait. You may want to call a few gas stations that may be north of NYC and see where you can get gas before you venture out so you have a plan. Enjoy the wedding, nice to hear a celebration is still happening in this disaster!!
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I would also recommend driving no faster than 60 on the highway to maximize MPG as you're heading out of the city. Also, if you leave super early in the morning or some other time when traffic should be minimal that will also help keep you from wasting gas.
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Hopefully you've already left but if you get 2 hours from the city, gas should be no problem. The problem has been electricity and getting trucks to the stations, not the actual supply, so "mainland" areas are in better shape. (I live in CT where there are no lines to speak of, an hour away from the city, but I saw some pretty horrific lines in lower Westchester last night.)
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According to the NYS Thruway website, gasoline (but not diesel) is available at the Ramapo service area, as of 5:05 pm on Friday.
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