How would one go about buying a TV that isn't black?
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I'd like to buy a TV that ISN'T black. Is that even possible?

I get it. The screen for a TV is always black. That's fine. But in buying a new 32 inch or higher flat screen, is it even POSSIBLE to get one where the outside of the TV is a different color? Like green? Or brown? Or gray?
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There are a few that come in white or silver (UK links but you can see the model numbers etc).
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Also UK links but alba seem to have a range of colours.

(Actually that last one is Bush it seems)
I have no idea if these are available in the non-uk.
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those are only 23 inch though.
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Alternatively, my picture framer puts frames-huge ornate gilt or red shiny ones, around his. this idea
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We have a Vizio Java (with brown bezel) that my husband bought at Walmart 2.5 years ago. Google Vizio Java for more links.

I can only find 32" ones online but ours is definitely bigger, 50" I think.

It's a very deep brown color to the point that it's not that noticeable. We have had one guest who commented out of the blue that "Hey, that's cool your TV is brown"
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TV screens are not always black.
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I want to say some of the recent (larger) samsungs have kind of a deep red frame
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A couple of years ago, Philips had a 'design your own TV' thing going on. Blog post about it here. It's still mentioned on the Philips site on this page, but the link to design your own seems to be dead.

Likewise, I can find 2010 blog posts about something called the "NuVision new U Color option" but nowhere to actually buy one.
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I have one of the reddish Samsung TVs, but it's basically black. It's three years old now, so it's possible they changed the colors in the interim.
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Yeah, the Samsung ones were "touch of red" for a while. We have one, and tbh it's worse than black in every way. Red is my favorite color, but it's a weird gradient and who has any furniture that matches that?

If you look at the latest and greatest TVs from companies like Samsung, it's not so much what color the TV is aroudn the screen, it's that there's basically nothing but the screen (VERY thin bezel). This is the way these things are going, you have to figure, so the color of the TV is becoming irrelevant
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I have a 46" Samsung In a dark brown color. I also had a 19" Samsung monitor/TV in dark red. Definitely check this brand.
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