Recommend a rep counting device?
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Do you know of a good rep counter app or device?

I'd like to be able to quickly attach it to my legs, arms or body. It needs to be able to register movements that aren't standard lifts.

Be great if it also has a timer for things like planks.

Thank you!
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I've been waiting to see if anyone else would reply, but it looks like nobody else knows of anything either, and I suspect it's because the device just doesn't exist. I know some people who take their squats way more seriously than I do, among them a competitive powerlifter, and all of them just count the reps manually. There might just not be any market for this device.

That said, maybe you could improvise something out of a pedometer? You really just need to sense acceleration. If you're handy with the whole mobile thing, your smartphone probably has an accelerometer and maybe also a gyroscope whose data you could interpret with a custom script.
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I've looked, and I haven't found anything specifically designed for this.

However, I think that a smartphone app for this should certainly be possible, although there doesn't seem to be one in existence at the moment (although I'm tempted to write one - if I do, I'll let you know). The best option at the moment seems to be an accelerometer app that produces CSV output that you can then process in Excel or via a script. For Android, "Accelerometer", "Accelerometer Monitor" and "jAccel" all seem basically similar - I don't know what the iPhone apps are.
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