Fun hotels in Toronto
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Hotels or B&Bs in Toronto?

A friend of mine is visiting Toronto for a couple of days next month. He will be doing some work at UofT and is looking for a place to stay. I've either lived here or stayed with my parents, so I've never really had to find accommodation in the city. Any recommendations for smaller, mid-price range hotels or B&Bs? Quirky/fun is a plus, as would be a location near the campus, in the Annex, or near Church St.
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The HI hostel in Toronto is on Church Street. It is located in a former hotel, private rooms (double beds, TVs, ensuite washrooms, etc) are under a hundred bucks with a hostelling membership, and breakfast at the in-house café is included. If he is up for a dorm, prices will drop to about a quarter of that.

I toiled there for eight years in my misspent youth, and 'quirky' is a word I would readily apply.
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airbnb might be the way to go, if it's going to be a long-ish stay.
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I like the architecture and energy-efficiency of the Planet Traveler hostel, though I can't say if it's a good deal for longer stays.

The location is on the west side of campus, more Kensington market. Close to U of T though.
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The Madison Manor Boutique Hotel is attached to the popular Madison Avenue Pub in the Annex.

Or Hotel Ocho in the Spadina/Queen area.

Or the hotel above The Rex jazz & blues bar at Queen and University.
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