November Halloween costume ideas
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Belated Halloween party costume advice needed.

A dear friend has been very, very ill and wasn't able to be around for Halloween specifically or any of the weekend celebrations that went on. Myself and a few friends are having a sort of belated Halloween gathering for her. In recent years, I have gone the absolute cheapest route I can for costuming. As with all moderately overweight dudes with long hair and a beard, Silent Bob is an incredibly easy one to do.. particularly since I own a trenchcoat. But I've pretty much been running to that well since I was 14 and don't want to any more.

The past few years I came up with what I have to assume has been done MILLIONS of times, but every time anyone sees it they say it's the first they've heard of anyone doing it. That is just buying some name tag stickers, and writing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt on them, putting on on my shirt, and carrying a shitload with me so if anyone comes up to me and says "That's my name too!" I can give them one. I call it the worlds first self propogating halloween costume, but again.. I can't possibly be the first..

I had an idea of being "Outdated Meme Guy", and just piling on as many internet memes as I can that are tired, overplayed and no longer relevant.. something like Zombie Pirate Chuck Norris with a Bacon Beard.. I kind of like this idea, but can anyone suggest old, irelevant memes that could be dressed as?
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All Your Base Ate My Balls.
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I love the outdated meme costume idea! I'd suggest browsing Know Your Meme for inspiration.
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Forget Halloween, you should have an "outdated meme guy" costume party :)
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