Flamenco Recommendations
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In need of some exquisite flamenco music - give me your recs.
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Paco de LucĂ­a
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Gipsy Kings, album Roots
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Enrique Morente
Paco de Lucia
Paco Pena

Those are some of the titans of more traditional flamenco, though Paco de Lucia and Tomatito have ventured into jazz territory. If you're interested in flamenco with rock/pop/hip hop touches, you might also try the following.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Ojos de Brujo
Gipsy Kings

(Seconding some of the suggestions above.)
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Most would swear by El Cigala. Leading this list of the best singer/songwriters here.
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Jeez still only five answers? I was all ready to give you my answers backed up by youtube clips, but then I couldn't stop watching one after another. You could easily fall into this yourself by starting with wikipedia. I'll get back to you later, but right now I have to (not 'want to') finish watching more Camaron de la Isla clips.
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Niña Pastori. There was also a three-disc set called DUENDE that came out oh about fifteen years ago that covered most of the people mentioned so far in this thread plus many more. Ketama is a group that's more contemporary (and is also somewhere in DUENDE).
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I really like Strunz and Farah.
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I'd say Ana salazar is tasty. You can check the work of Pepe habichuela. To me, Sirocco is one of the highlights of Paco de Lucia' s output. Camaron. Pop tinge : Ketama, belonging to the habichuelas, able to play in a traditional way. Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez, Agustin Carbonell, Jorge Amador.
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For flamenco with a hint of Middle Eastern try Strunz and Farah. On preview, what mullicious said.
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