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Windows phones: Does anyone know when the Samsung Ativ S come out?

I want to get a windows phone, and this one looks like it will be the best one..I just can't find when they're coming out with it. I'm eligible for an upgrade now so I would rather not wait 2 months. If not the Ativ S, does anyone have any recommendations on Windows phones. Thanks.

I'm on AT&T.
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A quick look at this page shows three announced WP8 devices for AT&T: two Nokias (the 920 and the 820), and the HTC 8X. Of these, I would take the 920 - a friend of mine with the earlier and related 900 really likes it, plus I understand that Nokia got special permission from Microsoft to include some of their own apps on their phones, including a very good navigation app.
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I agree with kickingtheground. The Lumia 920/900 are currently Windows phone top dogs
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Windows phone 920 looks amazing - and for $100 is a steal! ;)
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