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House of Leaves and Haunted are works in two different mediums (book and album) by two different artists that deliberately accompany each other. What other examples of this are there?

They can be by the same artist; I'm mostly interested in the different-artistic-mediums aspect. If they were created concurrently that would be best, but one inspired by the other could work. (I'm not counting movies based on books, that's way too general.)
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Jeff Vandermeer's novel Finch has an official soundtrack, recorded by the band Murder by Death.
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Would 2001: A Space Odyssey the movie and the book count? Made at the same time, by different artists, in different mediums. The movie isn't based on the book, but rather the book and the screenplay inspired each other.
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I think it's common for highly commercial work to have tie-ins in other media, e.g. each World of Warcraft expansion has had books or comics come out at the same time to tell more about what's going on in the game. I'm drawing a blank on more high concept artwork like that though, which might be your real object of interest.
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Kid Koala is a turntablist, pianist, and graphic artist; all his books have accompanying soundtracks and multimedia tours.
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Enter The Matrix was a video game that came out at about the same time as the final two Matrix films and told a different, but interlocking story.
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The several incarnations of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy may fit the bill - a radio play, a novel, a TV miniseries, a text adventure game, and a film, all at different times, none of them the one 'true' version but all created by Douglas Adams and tweaked to adjust to each medium.
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The similiarity of House of Leaves and The Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan is pretty deliberate (by the author's own admission).
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Rush's newest album Clockwork Angels has an accompanying book also titled Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson.
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Peter Greenaway's Tulse Luper Suitcases is a multimedia project with several films, books, Flash-based things, an ARG and live DJ/VJ performances by Greenaway. There's probably paintings, too. There's always paintings.
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Jeffrey Lewis has a comic book/song combo called Creeping Brain. I don't think it's ever been published, but the Youtube video should give you an idea of it.
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I'm presuming you're also excluding:
Movie soundtracks + movie
Figurines/action figure + movie
Figurines/action figure + TV series
Fictional "universe expansion" books + source movie
Games + source movie
Movie + source game
Painting/Sculpture + culturally-referenced movie/TV show

... IOW, this is actually very, very common, as you've asked the question.
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amanda palmer's 2 main solo records both have a book that accompanies them.

who killed amanda palmer
theater is evil - the art book also got a gallery tour.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm more after the high concept art versions, rather than the commercial tie-ins.
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This might be on the edges of what you're looking for, but since it's not just a movie based on a comic or vice versa, or a spinoff comic, but rather two pieces of media that were created concurrently and form a story together, I think it counts:

The movie Southland Tales had a prequel comic that was essential to understanding/enjoying the film (and probably a big part of the reason the film was universally hated by everyone but me, because it was poorly marketed and no one actually read it).
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fwiw - while the amanda palmer stuff might be considered tie ins, they're pretty high concept art and i think what you're looking for - for the first one it's stories by neil gaiman and photos by kyle cassidy - for the second it's a bunch of different artists, from david mack to francis bean cobain, who were just asked to create art based on the music or on afp.
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Yeah, I'm more after the high concept art versions, rather than the commercial tie-ins.

Are you trying to Google this stuff yourself using the phrase "high concept art"? I dig what you mean but "high concept," by itself, has a specific definition that applies to the situation opposite of what you want and it may be screwing up your searches.
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(By "opposite of what you want" I mean that a high concept work of art is easily merchandiseable, and you are specifically avoiding that.)
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Nine Inch Nails had an alternate reality game to accompany the Year Zero album.
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Coheed & Cabria's albums and comics by Claudio Sanchez - The Armory Wars.
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Homestuck + homestuck albums
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Zoo City is another book with an accompanying soundtrack, although it's more of a mixtape than original music made specially for the book.
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The Roadside Graves' album We Can Take Care of Ourselves is based on The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.
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The novel The Bridge had an accompanying soundtrack written and partly performed by the authors.
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The 'I, Lucifer' album by The Real Tuesday Weld is the companion to the novel I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan.
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Best answer: You might get a little further if you look for the term "transmedia." There's a lot of the commercial tie-in stuff, but there are also the things like the Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero," as well as crossover experiences that Fourth Wall Studios creates, to start with.

Cathy's Book and Personal Effects: Dark Art were prepackaged transmedia books that you might find interesting.

With House of Leaves, don't forget the other companion piece, The Whalestoe Letters, which puts yet another spin on the whole plot.
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Air's Le voyage dans la lune was inspired by the Silent Film A Trip to the Moon. They composed a score for the original film. Also, the original silent film figures prominently in the movie Hugo.
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A Series of Unfortunate Events (book series) has the Tragic Treasury (Gothic Archies aka Magnetic Fields).
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Response by poster: "transmedia"!!! I knew this thing had a name. I haven't been Googling for any specific terms - I was mostly riffing off Monsieur Concern's comment.
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The novel The Gypsy had a soundtrack by Boiled in Lead, and the cd was a cd rom, and it had the whole book on there, and that blew my mind.
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Lion's Blood is an interesting alternate-history flip-the-racial-divide story that has a soundtrack, a neat fusion of Arabic and Celtic music.
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