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Getting Facebook page posts into a blog?

My Google skills are failing me. I have a Facebook page for my business that is easy for me to use and gets quite a bit of traffic from Facebook to my shop. I would like to be able to post something to that page and have it automatically make a post to a blog as well for my customers who aren't on Facebook. Is this possible? I don't as yet have a blog, so I'm not married to using Wordpress or Blogger or whatever. Any ideas? :)
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Best answer: There's probably a way to do this with IFTTT.
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Posterous: Now supports posting to Facebook

But you will have to set up the dual posting through Posterous. I don't know of a means to post on Facebook directly and have it exported from there.
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Facebook generally opposes all efforts to move content out of Facebook, so posting somewhere else first and having it auto post in Facebook will be easier. You can do that easily with Wordpress and the official Facebook Extension for Wordpress.
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I think the usual approach is the other way around, to use tools that repost your blog post to FB. I do this with Blogger and Networked Blogs.
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I've used Wordbooker in the past. This is a plugin for Wordpress, and it works the other way: you write a blog post in Wordpress, which gets copied to Facebook. It's finicky, it has a lot of moving parts, but it does work, and it can even import comments from Facebook back into your blog.
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I've found it much easier to go the other way around -- posting something to a blog that then becomes a Facebook update. Typepad and Wordpress used to do that for sure.
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Echoing the suggestions that doing the reverse is much easier. Post to your blog and have it automatically repost to Facebook. COD and adamrice have both provided good options on how to do this.
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I have all of my facebook text statuses posted to my blogger blog using IFTTT, like kdern says. I don't know if picture statuses work though. You might want to think about using tumblr as the blog host if the postings will be relatively small.
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I'm using IFTTT like others above said to crosspost from a Facebook page to the Updates section of a convention I'm on staff for whose site I run on Wordpress. The only difficulty is that I haven't yet figured out a way to give it unique titles, so the titles all say "Update from Facebook on day/month/year".

I set this up because some of the staff tend to post to Facebook and forget to post to the website. I also have the site set up to crosspost to Facebook if there's an update done on the blog, as well as auto-posting to Twitter and a couple of other places, and if there's commentary on Twitter, it auto-posts back to the blog (and hence to Facebook) weekly.

So far this has worked, not been annoying, and I have managed to avoid any infinite loops of crossposting. Success!

MeMail me if you're interested in details of how I did all that.
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I'll point out that I do not automatically import Facebook comments along with the posts to the convention website because I think people should have control over where their comments end up.
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Response by poster: Well, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I will look at all these options and see if I can find something that will work. :)
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Response by poster: I signed up for IFTTT and it does exactly what I was looking for, so thanks so much for that suggestion!
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Thank you so much for asking this question - looked around on the web and couldn't find anything! This is great!
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