Blogs that chase trending social media topics?
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Some blogs/sites are specifically set up to grab trending topics from social media and post about them. Examples would be MSN Now and Newswhip. Do you know of others?
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I don't know the cite offhand, but I remember a couple of years ago reading that the Huffington Post sourced a lot of its story ideas from trending search results. They may even have been among the first big sites to do it, or at least admit doing it.
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I sort of assume every major traffic whore type of site is doing that.
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Yes, obviously every news site, including the one I work for, picks up things that have gone viral. I guess I'm looking for sites that make no bones about it and are constantly jumping on the trend, then moving on. They're not also covering the drier news that's important to the world but perhaps duller--no daily stock numbers or basic sports game reports--they're just on the hot, the trending, the new. Another example, but for videos: Viral Viral Videos.
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