Password Protect Flash Drive
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Is there a free downloadable mac program to password protect my entire usb flash drive? I've already tried TrueCrypt and using a .dmg with Disk Utility.
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What are you trying to do with the program that TrueCrypt and Disk Utility are not doing for you? Is it ease of use you're after?
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Whenever I use my usb, I want to have to type in a password before I can see the data on it.
posted by CarlyH at 4:47 PM on October 30, 2012

If you create an encrypted dmg file with Disk Utility, you can double-click on it and it will present a dialog box asking for a password.

If you want this file to be opened up automatically when the flash disk is mounted, you might use an application like Task3 or write a folder-action-triggered AppleScript that opens the encrypted image file, triggered to go off once the drive ("folder") is mounted.
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Seconding encrypted dmg if you only need it on OS X, Truecrypt otherwise.

Either of these should do what you want, and are the standard solutions.
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MacWorld has a article on using FileVault 2 (which comes with Lion or later) to encrypt an external drive, including flash drives. The article also mentions some potential issues (e.g. backward compatibility)
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