Laser printer won't share itself
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Are some laser printers wholly resistant to sharing?

I have a Samsung ML1660 and I cannot share it via the network no matter what I try. I get the "access is denied" message. I've tried the "add a local port" trick, I've tried various enablings of guest accounts and enablings of file/printer sharing. I've tried creating an identical user account to the connecting account on the host machine....

I've even tried connecting the printer via USB to an Airport Express and trying to print via Bonjour. No dice.

Any tips? As I say, are some printers just not sharable?

Many thanks
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This printer is not network capable so the issue is either with the print sharing configuration on your PC or Airport express (or the model is not supported ). Access denied sounds like you don't have admin rights.

Also you may want to look into the printer drivers- a lot of consumer printers come with a lot of excess software in additional to the driver that can mess with printer sharing.
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When you share a printer in Windows the main area where a third party will see evidence/a change in the host machine, is by accessing the computer in question through my network places and looking under the printers folder. A shared printer will show up here, and then is also installable from here to allow access of the remote machine.

The cmd route to this is \\hostmachinename
This should show you the same printer folder with the same contents.
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Is sharing enabled globally?

Is sharing enabled on the network interface in question?

Is sharing firewalled globally?

Is sharing firewalled on the network interface in question?
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