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Recommend me flattering facial hair for Movember

My team at work is participating in Movember and raising money as a group for cancer research.

I grow a pretty good beard when left without the attention of a razor (photo is 5 day's growth), but am a loss as to which moustache to cultivate given I only have a month to reach full maturity. There's a wide range of options out there! I'd love to be able to grow a complete Daniel Day-Lewis moustache a la Gangs of New York, however I only have a month.

Please give me your objective opinions as to which one would look the best given my features and the time constraint.

I have the standard sculpting tools of razor and clippers, and am willing to obtain wax etc. as required.

Help me rock the manliest moustache on my floor! I'll update my profile picture at the end of the month so you can see the results.
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I've always been partial to the pencil variation sported by Clooney as U. Everett McGill, myself. It would look great with your salt-and-pepper...and it looks like you could pretty much do it right now.
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Yeah, I think Clooney staches are gonna be your reference material with the salt and pepper and a similar face shape.
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What if you were to initially aim for the largest style you can, then maybe half way through the month, begin to trim and mold it into a variety of styles? Unless it is required that you pick one stache and stick with it?
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I think you'd look great with the Danny Trejo moustache from the list you linked to.
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That was the holiday beard a month ago, rules dictate that we start clean shaven on November 1st. I like the George Clooney suggestion! Mrs A will of course get final approval :)
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Ended up going for a Hulk Hogan/Danny Trejo after the U. Everett McGill was vetoed by Mrs A. I was happy with it and think I'll try something more outlandish next year. I raised $450 for Movember and my team raised over $6k, so great result.
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