Make-up tips for a makeup-phobic manager?
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I have dark hazel (green/brown) eyes that look green up close, generic brownish from a distance. I also have lips. What do I do with them?

I've never in my life thought about or cared about makeup, but I'm moving up the company ladder, and it's time to upgrade my look to a more managerial level.

Other possibly helpful information:

My normal "look" involves, at a maximum: Lip balm, if I'm feeling dressy (or chapped). As a usual matter, it involves being clean and fairly well moisturized, and that's about it.

I'm a little red around the cheeks naturally, thanks to an autoimmune condition, but I don't feel really motivated to hide it. On good days it looks like I did it on purpose; on bad days, attempts to hide it would be laughable anyway. My skin is a fairish version of olive-toned. I don't wear (or want to wear) foundation or powder.

I work in a casual but classy office, jeans and sneakers ok, but most people in leadership positions upgrade it to business casual or at least dress up their jeans with blazers and nice shoes and accessories. So a lot of makeup would look weird and out of place, (plus my coworkers would notice the difference and make fun of me; it's that kind of office (in a good way)). Still, I worry no makeup at all makes me look like I'm not even trying. I'm on the leading edge of a promotion, and I want to look the part.

What can I do to my eyes/lips with a minimal amount of makeup and a minimal amount of time/fuss/money to look well-put-together?
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Best answer: I'm going to recommend a BB cream. They do a lot for you and make your complection glow.

As for eye makeup, try Almay. They make a palatte of shadows based on your eye color, and it's pretty idiot proof as the tray is shaped like your eyelid with where each color goes. If you like, liner and mascara. Done.

My recommendation for lipstick is to pick a color the same shade as your lips, just a bit deeper. Revlon Moon Drops is moisturiziing, light weight and doesn't taste funny.

You can get these at CVS, or any other drug store.

If you'd rather do a bit more, Clinique is good, and they'll give you a tutorial at the counter. Every department store carries Clinique.

I use wipes to remove make up, and then I wash with something called Balance. Dove works well too.
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When I was younger, I would curl my eyelashes and do mascara (and sometimes eyeliber) to give my eyes more emphasis but I didn't do makeup on the lid. I went with brown eyeliner and brownish-black mascara rather than black. It looked more natural to me. It looked more my eyes just had natural definition, not like I was made-up.

I also liked "bronze" type lipsticks that gave my lips more definition but didn't look too obviously made-up. I tend to think things like bright red lipstick are too sexy for the office anyway.
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Best answer: It sounds like I have similar coloring in my eyes and similar redness on my cheeks/face.

I feel a little more polished when I wear a basic, lightly shimmery brown eye shadow on my eyes. You know those little eye shadow packs that have 4 varying shades of the same color? I have a brown one with a light shimmer highlight, a base eyelid coat, a darker color for the crease, and the darkest color for near your lash line. It's the type of thing that isn't really noticeable by itself, but it helps frame your eyes and make them pop. I think I have the Loreal kind that was about $6 at the drugstore. The back of the package had directions on where to put each color on your eye.

You are blessed with not needing foundation. I use a tinted moisturizer myself with mineral powder on top, so if you ever have complexion/unevenness, this combo works for me without being cakey or looking unnatural. It doesn't cover up bigger pimples, but it evens things out a bit.

It sounds like you are pretty happy with your lip balm. If tinted lip gloss doesn't seem too immature for you, you might want to consider one that isn't too shimmery. Or just use a really good quality clear/neutral lip balm or gloss.
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I have similar coloring (dark green/hazel eyes, constantly flushed cheeks). What I do when I want to look presentable is this (takes about 10 minutes):

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat concealer ($40, at sephora) - I don't know if you have any under eye circles, but I have some and this is great. It brightens the eye area and makes you look more awake and put together. Pat a little bit on the inner eye corners and under the eye, blend in around the rest of the face.

Sephora smudgeable eye liner (~$10) in a plum color. I find the plum color brings out the green in my eyes, which I prefer over "murky brown". I put a little bit on the outside corners of my eyes, up to mid-eye, and smudge it a little on the top to blend in. I don't wear any eye shadow normally, and if I do I just use some generic taupe-y shade.

Mascara and eyelash curler - generic at drug store (~$10) - I get black mascara of whatever drug store type I'm feeling at the moment. I don't spend much on this part. The eyelash curler is essential to opening up the eyes. I apply one coat, which makes a difference but doesn't look too "made-up"

If I'm having kind of a bad skin day (redness/pimples) I use some of Clinique's lightest foundation - basically a step above tinted moisturizer, I don't remember what the specific name is.
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Best answer: Well-groomed eyebrows can be key, and it's also something people don't tend to notice so you don't look like you're trying too hard.

Other than that, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, mascara and tinted gloss would keep things subtle yet polished.
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I'm not a make-up person at all - here's what I wear when I want to look somewhat polished:

- Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer: super light and does not look (or feel) like foundation. I get lots of compliments ("Wow, you look so healthy today!") whenever I wear it.
- Light coat of mascara on the tips of my lashes. I vary brands - right now I'm trying out the Laura Mercier mascara, which is pretty good. I was using Dior and it got way too clumpy and made my eyelashes look fake, which looked weird on me in my normal attire of jeans and a hoodie.
- Tinted lip balm. My favorite right now is made by Apivita, made with organic beeswax, olive oil and pomegranate.
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Oh, BTW - I also have rosy cheeks (thanks to mild rosacea) and the tinted moisturizer helps modulate that - I, like you, don't feel the need to hide it but sometimes it helps to smooth things out a bit!
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Burt's Bees makes a tinted lip balm that gives juuuust enough color to look like you tried, but feels like regular lip balm (it's not pepperminty like their original). I would avoid the Burt's Bees shimmers though- I find they slide off my lips.

Curling your eyelashes is easy and really adds polish to your look. Brown mascara and a little topaz-y liner and you are done. Natural and done in under two minutes!
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Best answer: I'm a professional engineer, work attire's business casual. I'm also a redhead with green/hazel eyes.

Minimal makeup for looking polished? Go with eye liner on your top lash line, and mascara. Experiment with different colors if you like, but a dark brown and a plum purple would be great to start.
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I could have written your description of my eyes and skin tone (except for the reddish cheeks). I generally wear little to no makeup, but when I do wear it I go for a natural look. The best thing I have discovered is to get one of the "bring out the green" kits (I like my eyes to look green and it subtly enhances them). The best eye makeup color is plum. This is a great eyeliner -- and looks natural, if you don't apply a thick line. Easy to apply as well, very forgiving. This eyeshadow pairs well with it -- the plum is soft and doesn't look very obvious, so it is subtle and natural. I usually go with a black mascara, but that's because I like my lashes to look long :) A more natural look would be clear mascara.

Now, there's a trick -- when you play up one facial feature, you de-emphasize the rest. So by playing up your eyes a bit, it's fine if you stick with lip balm. I use cocoa butter lip balm (this stuff) to keep my lips healthy and give a natural shimmer. If I'm going to wear lipstick, it's a pretty neutral shade -- usually something just a tad pinker than my lips.
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Best answer: People frequently are surprised when I tell them I wear makeup every day. I also have green/hazel eyes. To keep it really simple, I would suggest
- mascara (maybe brown or brown-black) and moisturizer with SPF (every day)
- tinted lip balm or tinted chapstick (most days)
- either a single, flattering, subtle color of eyeshadow (I like a light brown/taupe with some shimmer) or an eye shadow palette for hazel eyes as suggested above (when you have time/are feeling fancy)

If you try and like this regime you can get more fancy by using a BB cream or other things suggested above, but these things can be purchased at the drugstore inexpensively, are very quick to apply (under 3 minutes), and will not leave you looking too "made-up."
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Best answer: I just wear mascara (well put on, not goopy, in an appropriate neutral colour) and keep my lips well conditioned and my skin moisturised and that's it. If you have bad skin or are sickly pale then consider adding some kind of tinted moisturiser or concealer or whatever, but it doesn't sound like this is an issue for you. Clean, natural skin is just fine without covering it up. Maybe lipgloss in a really neutral colour if your lips have no natural colour of their own, and maybe some eyeliner if you're particularly pale or lacking definition in that area. But well conditioned lips shouldn't need colouring and eyeliner more often tips things into too much territory (particularly if you have good mascara on anyway), so probably don't bother.

These type of threads always have people coming in with what looks to me like an overly long list of things you should wear as minimum, like eyeshadow and lipstick and various types of foundation. But those things always show up as being 'makeup' and are not necessary if you're just going for a groomed professional look. And it's better for your skin to not wear makeup all over it anyway.

But there are other ways of upping your game which I think will give more pay off for less effort. Firstly, really well shaped and groomed eyebrows make a huge difference. The general advice, and it is good advice, is to go somewhere really good and get them shaped once then just maintain it at home. I'm too lazy for even that so just pull out the obvious stragglers that aren't part of the brow so I have a clean edge and natural shape (I have pretty good brows anyway though), then I quickly brush them down each morning so they lie properly. That last part is key.

Secondly, well maintained and styled hair. You can go as far as straightening or whatever if you want, or getting a more corporate hair cut or colouring it. But even just keeping it well brushed and tidy (I tie mine back a lot so, for this, I use products to smooth it down when I'm trying to be tidy) and soft and obviously in good condition. No straggly bits, no split ends, try to keep on top of frizz, not hanging all over your face, whatever works best for you. Good products help although what exactly is best varies by person. Your hair adds a huge amount to your overall look, way more than anything you're going to put on your lips for example, so it's worth putting some thought into how you can make sure it's giving the groomed, well cared for look that you need. If you do need any change in this area, which isn't a given anyway, it can be done somewhat subtly so you still get the improvement without triggering the hassles from your colleagues, which is always nice too.
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Best answer: If you live near a Sephora, go there and ask a salesperson for a demo on how to use their Jumbo 12 Hour Eye Pencils as eye shadow for a work-appropriate look. Get her to demo on one eye and then you do the other eye while she watches to make sure you're doing it right. The pencils are very easy to use and the salesperson can recommend shades that look good with your eyes.

I have become an evangelist for these things because I am a makeup klutz, but even I can do my eyes in under 30 seconds with these babies.

And seconding what everyone else said about getting your brows shaped professionally and then maintaining them at home on your own. Cleaned up brows make a big difference.
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Best answer: First: brows make more of a difference than you think. Keeping your brows well-groomed will automatically make you look more polished, without looking makeup-y. If your brows tend to be thin, that may involve using a brow pencil and/or powder; if your brows are thick, that will mean plucking/waxing/threading as you please. Here's a great tutorial.

Second: trying stuff on is always better than buying it in a sealed package or ordering it online. If you can find a Sephora near you, that's ideal.

Third: Lisa Eldridge and Jane Marie taught me how to apply makeup. You don't have to do everything they say -- just take what you like and leave the rest.

Fourth: choose either your lips or your eyes -- no need to do both unless you're really into 80s drag. I find that doing my eyes suits my face better and is easier to ramp up or down depending on my mood -- but you should choose what suits you best.

As for specific product/application recommendations ...

I'd recommend that you get a palette of neutral shades and a few brushes (those crappy little foam applicators are much harder than using brushes, and the results are less subtle). Some suggestions:
- Neutral palettes: I love this Laura Mercier palette, because the colors are really long-lasting and subtle. I've also heard great things about these two Naked palettes (I tend to think that the Naked 2 palette would work better for your skin tone). If those are out of your price range, then look for a quad eye shadow at the drug store with a similar range of neutral shades.
- Brushes: I'd recommend one angled eyeliner brush and one medium-smallish eyeshadow brush at minimum. Depending on your eye shape, you might also want a big soft angled brush. I've linked to expensive versions, but you can just as well get $1 versions of these in the drugstore to start out.

The advantage of a palette is that it contains shades that you can use both as eyeshadow and as eyeliner (and as highlighter and in the crease if you want to get fancy). If you're going for a subtle look, then eyeshadow-applied-as-liner is the way to go. If you want it darker, then just wet your brush a bit before you apply it. And you can always step up or down in the palette to make your look more neutral (closer to your natural skin tones) or more defined (darker than your natural skin tones).

As for mascara -- I personally can't stand the stuff. I'm not used to wearing it and it always gets all over my face and ends up making me look like a raccoon. You can always get a cheap tube and try it out, though -- some people swear by the stuff.

Stick with your lip balm. If you're doing your eyes, you don't also need to do your lips. Win!
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I'd nth a BB cream, I like the Garnier one but you might try one or 2 to find one that suits your skin type. They are like a tinted moisturizer and just feel like moisturiser when they are on, in fact I just slap it on as if it is each morning and it hides a multitude of sins and blends in easily.

If you suck at keeping mascara on, or applying it you can get your eyelashes tinted which can give you a similar effect but you don't have to worry about it rubbing off or smudging. I'd also get your eyebrows shaped, these are little easy touches that can make you look made up without too much effort besides sitting there with goop on your eyes every six weeks or so.

Invest in some good brushes as the trick to good eye make up is blending everything together well. The Almay sets for each eye colour are a nice place to start, but a few other companies are coming out with colour sets aimed at different eye colours and they are cheap enough to pick up a few and play around. Stick to satins and low sheen colours until you have more confidence, shiny eyeshadows can take a bit of getting used to using.

Experimenting can be fun and if worst comes to worst it washes off easy enough.

You can get tinted lip balms which can give you a hit of a lipstick colour which might be a good place to start while you get used to lipsticks too.
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Best answer: I was you, basically. I never wore makeup and now, I do. In general, watch some Youtube videos if you're scared of techniques for any of this stuff. It's hard to look amazing, but it's pretty easy to look polished. My suggestions are mostly drug-store-based.

Face: You can - but don't have to - do something like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream (as far as I can tell the ones available in North America are basically the same as tinted moisturizers) to even out your skintone if you want.

Eyes: a single colour of shadow (I'd think sort of taupes or brownish purples) if you want/feel like it. Lightly applied liner, again, probably in purple/burgundy to play up the green and define your eye shape. This makes a difference, but again, not necessary. Use a "kohl"-type liner and smudge it a bit so it's not a hard line (Rimmel makes good ones) - don't do your full eye, just go to the mid-point. I would do mascara. (I do also have one of those Sephora jumbo pencils and it is great; that is another way to go.)

Brows: pluck to clean up strays, comb/brush, if you feel like they're sparse, fill in with a brow pencil or powder slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow colour. I really like the Maybelline Define-a-Brow, which is the pencil with a little comb at the end, because it's really fast and I am lazy. IT shouldn't look really pencilled, you just want your brows to look fuller. Brows make a huge difference to your face.

Lips: You can definitely stick with lip balm, or go a step up and get tinted lip balm, or go a step further up and go with a flattering moisturizing lipstick in a sheer colour. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are widely available and come in a bunch of soft (but fun!) colours. I think you might look great in a pink that's got a bit of peach or coral in it. (This would also contrast nicely with the green in your eyes.) You could also do a gloss if you want a little colour but don't want anything too intense.

If I'm running late I'll do: tinted moisturizer, fill in brows, mascara, and lipstick (I tend to like a bold lip but I don't think you should do anything dramatic if you don't want to/aren't comfortable). I feel polished and pretty but this isn't too intense and doesn't take that long.
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My advice is the reverse (but not the opposite!) of ourobouros. I've always got my hands all up in my face and hate having goop on my lashes, so eye makeup is really not my thing. I do wear lipstick every day, though.

Our colouring is similar, rosy cheeked, green eyed. I use everything from a light lip stain (usually Benetint) to deep, rich creamy reds. (I have dark hair.) To get a colour you like, you need to go to a place that will actually let you try the colour ON YOUR LIPS not the back of your hand. MAC is good for this, they dip and wipe the lipsticks after each trial.

If I want to be really dressed up, I will use a primer (you might like this--it's not a foundation, and not heavy feeling, but it can help even out the red), a foundation, a powder rubbed in with a nice brush, powder in my brows (nthing good eyebrow grooming, it makes a surprisingly huge difference in the architecture of your face) and highlighter. I use this Benefit highlighter, and put it just under my brow on the bone, and on my cheekbones. Maybe it's because I don't usually wear makeup, but I always get compliments when I go this route. I don't think it reads as made-up at all, though, just a little polished. In your case, even skipping the foundation and powder, I think it'll perk up your face.
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I have green/hazel eyes too, and my complexion is pretty red. What I do:
- Tinted moisturizer with some highlight to it, I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers
- Blush that turns my red cheeks more pink than red. For me, Lorac's Pro Powder Cheek Stain in Rosy Glow is perfect.
- I brush highlighter powder on the top of my cheeks and forehead; I love NARS' Albatross
- For eyeshadow, I use really neutral colors. MAC makes a ton of great ones for hazel eyes, including Club, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive, and Ricepaper.
- Eyeliner, usually a gel - the one I use by Clinique isn't made any more.
- L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

I only have a few brushes, all of which I got from Sephora. I have a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a pointed eyeliner brush.

Echoing what some others have said about eyebrows. It's amazing what a difference well-groomed eyebrows make!
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Oh, and I promise I'm not a shill for Benefit (though they do seem to have my number, demographically speaking), but they have awesome kits with mini versions of their products that are great to experiment with.
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Best answer: I just realized my eye colour is similar to yours, so you might like the Sephora Jumbo Pencil shades that were recommended to me: 28 (mauve shimmer) as the base shade, paired with either 15 (purple) for work or 14 (violet) for going out/night time.

They are all quite subtle, even the "going out" shade. I bought all three and continue to be very pleased with them. I just use my fingertip to blend them, and as long as I do it relatively quickly (before it sets), it works well.

Also, if you want a lip product that is one step up from chapstick (i.e. subtle but gives you a little colour), Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is nice. I have heard that a good, much less expensive substitute is the Palladio tinted lip balm in Brownie, but I have not tried it myself.
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Best answer: Chiming in with my basic face stuff (I'm hazel eyed, pinkish skin & dark hair - I love makeup but this is what I do in a hurry):

- a tinted moisturizer (with SPF) - I actually mix it with my regular moisturizer to make it more sheer. I use Benefit's You Rebel Light & whatever drugstore knock off of Aveeno moiturizer I can find


- I do my brows - for many people this means shaping/plucking/trimming. I have the opposite problem & fill in a bit with Benefit's brows a go-go. Having neat, well shaped brows, as has been mentioned, is a good way to help spruce up your look without adding a lot of makeup

- tinted lip gloss. 2nding Black Honey from Clinique

- concealer if I have a blemish or look ill-rested.

Like looli, I also love Benefit's products and have no relatioship to them except as a long-time customer.
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I have similar coloring, and though I do wear foundation every day (mixed with my SPF 15 moisturizer) I can understand not wanting to. When I'm feeling fancy I curl my eyelashes (they're kind of long, and it's a noticeable difference to me). When I'm feeling extra fancy I wear black mascara (I like Clinique) and when it's time to go out or look EXTRA extra fancy I use this eyeshadow from Sephora. I use a small flat brush and I dip/brush/whatever the verb is in the top right corner color, then the one right below it (mix them together on the brush) then on my eyelid. Nothing above the crease in my eyelid, just simple. I've been known to wear eyeliner, but pretty much only for my wedding, ha.

Most of the stuff I like is Clinique, so if you want to go to a department store counter, I'd recommend them. If you want a broader range of options, go in to a Sephora (or call ahead) and ask for a consultation. In general the makeup artists there understand that it's an intimidating place and will work with you at your comfort level. I've done this a few times before big events that required me to look pretty (see above re: wedding, I did my own makeup) and I've always found a salesperson who was happy to help and not too pushy. Good luck!
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Best answer: If you prefer a powder to a liquid, try a mineral makeup like Bare Minerals - they are super easy to put on and it takes no time at all.

My everyday makeup is Bare Minerals foundation, a shimmery brown eyeshadow that I put on with my fingers (I use the Benefit cream shadow, but you can use any cream shadow), a blush (but since your skin is already flushed, you wouldn't need this), and either lip balm (I use Burt's Bees tinted lip balm) or if I want more color, a lip gloss or stick (I like Korres lip gloss and the Clinique lip butter for these - Laura Mercier has a nice one called "stick gloss" that feels like a lip gloss but has a nice tinted color). That's all, it takes 2 minutes max.
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Response by poster: Wow, this is a vast amount of information. I'm not ready to jump in at the deep end (omg, the amount of money for 1.47 fl. oz of clinique, etc!) but I like a lot of the ideas. I think I may start off with a Garnier bb cream (I had to look up bb cream!), a light tint on the lips and mascara/plum eyeliner. Then see what else I can do. I think this is the first time I've ever considered makeup might be, you know, fun. :)

Plus, I'll definitely have a look at my eyebrows when I get home and see what I can do. I can honestly say I've never given them a second thought. I think they may be on the thin side, though.

Thanks, everyone!
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Best answer: Makeup is totally fun! My usual routine is: a little concealer under my eyes and on whatever zits I may have, a wee bit of powder, curled eyelashes with black mascara, and either some lip gloss (I like Neutrogena's MoistureShine gloss) or some very sheer lipcolor (Cilique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick is fantastic -- the color is very light, but very flattering on just about everyone).
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Best answer: Another thing I do sometimes is put some white eyeliner by the inner corner of my eyes and a little bit underneath (just a little bit outwards from the part that is closest to my nose). If you blend this in a little bit, i.e. rub it with your finger so the edges are smoothed out, it can make your eyes look brighter.

Otherwise, tinted moisturizer, mascara, eyeliner. I don't like foundation most of the time but I add some to my moisturizer and it isn't too noticeable. Sephora will fix up you up with the right shade.
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if you end up going with an eyelash curler, know that not all curlers are created equal! by which I mean, the curve is not the same on every one. I am of asian descent and have tiny, straight eye lids; i had to do a lot of hunting before I found an eyelash curler that I could use in one pass on each eye. (those would be the shu uemura or japonesque brands, btw.)

the forums at makeup alley are the place to go to research the best or most appropriate brands or items for you. they can be a bit overwhelming at first but absolutely the best resource to hit up once you get past the 'random grabbing cheap item at the drug store' phase of makeup exploration. have fun and don't get too self-conscious - it'll feel natural in no time!
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Best answer: I think an eyelash curler and mascara will make the biggest difference for you. I would also add chapstick or lip gloss and a little pressed powder on your forehead, nose and eyelids to keep everything matte. Nicely groomed eyebrows are a great suggestion, too!

You can play around with eye liner and eye shadow, but in my experience those tend to look more "made up" than just mascara.

Oh, and I know you're not into spendy stuff, but the Shu Uemura eyelash curler is the very best thing ever. So much better than drugstore ones.
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Response by poster: As luck would have it, I work in an office tower above a high-end mall, and there is no end of makeup to be found downstairs. I picked up a few cheap things at a drug store to try out, and I'm definitely also going to run down to the shops and pick up the Clinique Black Honey almost-lipstick.

Right now I'm wearing:

1) Fair-to-light Aveeno tinted moisturizer. I spent about half an hour waffling before picking this one, but since sun makes my cheek-redness worse, I went for the higher SPF. Almost grabbed the "medium" color but I felt like it would just be way too dark, and I think I was right.

2) Covergirl Trublend minerals, translucent light. I wasn't sure about this, but didn't want to be shiny. I used just barely enough to dust, not cover.

3) Neutrogena soft petal revitalizing lip balm. This is the exact shade of my lips, with just a tiny shimmer. But I still want to try the Black Honey.

4) Covergirl liquiline blast eyeliner, violet voltage. I hope I did this right - I just ran the tip along the upper lashline from the midpoint of my eye to the outer corner and then smudged it so it didn't look like it was drawn by a three year old.

5) Covergirl lashsomethingsomething mascara in brown. I only did the upper lashes because my bottom lashes are already pretty distinct.

I tried it all out last night so I would know what to do before work today, and my room mate approved - she said the tinted moisturizer toned down the red, and that it didn't look like I'd caked things on, so I'm pretty happy overall. It took me about five minutes this morning. It takes longer to take it off, it turns out, than to put it on. =D

Thanks everyone!
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