iTunes Replacment for Android/PC
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Looking for recommendations for an iTunes replacement to sync podcasts with an Android phone.

I've been using iTunes to sync podcasts with an iPod touch, but I don't always like carrying my phone and iPod with me. I like the workflow with iTunes - download all of the podcasts to my PC with iTunes, then use iTunes to sync the 10 oldest unlistened to episodes to the iPod.

A bonus feature would be to allow separate syncs with more than one device (i.e. the app would recognize that the podcast has been listened to via my phone, but not my wife's so it would still sync with hers).

Also, recommendations for podcast-friendly media players once they are on the device are also appreciated.

Music isn't as important, so a strictly podcatcher app would be fine.

Hardware: Windows 7 PC and Jellybean Android devices (Nexus S 4G, rooted Kindle Fire with CM10)
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Does it need to sync to your computer? DoggCatcher is a pretty awesome podcatcher for Android. It downloads the podcasts automatically to your phone (as many as you like -- the last X or whatever). It also has a lot of nice features, including the option to delete ones that are older than some time, or that you have already listened to. You can even set a time each day for it to check for new podcasts and download them automatically without you having to do anything. It has its own integrated media player which works quite well (keeps your place, good fast forward/backward and playlist options). But, to my knowledge, it does not sync.
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"to *automatically* delete ones that are older..."

I'm too old and slow for even the edit window.
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DoubleTwist was made in mind with replacing iTunes for the Android sect. Does music and podcasts, don't know about multiple device handling though.
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I tried a lot of terrible podcast managers on Android, but DoggCatcher is excellent. Seconding bluefly.
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I use DoggCatcher for podcasts on my android phone. This will solve your issues, assuming you're PC syncing time can be spent instead making sure doggcatcher downloads your podcast feeds directly to the phones. It should basically happen automatically, but may be a little tricky if you listen to anything time sensitive.

If you want to still use your PC as the syncing host, you could probably scheme something up with isyncr and smart playlists. isyncr works with Itunes, and tracks playcounts and reports them back to itunes. It'd have to be a clever playlist to work with 2 devices though. I can't think of a foolproof one, but something like podcasts with playcount less than 2 and downloaded < 2 months ago.
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