How to get from the rental car office to the airport at OMG o'clock?
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How can my partner drop off a rental car and get to the airport terminal when his flight boards almost before the rental office (and their shuttle to the airport) opens?

My partner is flying out of RDU later this week on a very early flight. He's rented a car from Hertz and needs to return it before his flight, but his flight boards around 6:15am and Hertz doesn't open until 6am, which is cutting it much closer than he's comfortable with. He'd like to drop the car off well before the office opens at 6am in order to check bags, make it through security, and get to his gate in time.

There's a procedure for dropping off the car and keys after hours, so that part's not a problem--the issue is actually getting between the Hertz office and his terminal at the airport. At RDU, this is not a walkable stretch of road. There are other car rentals agencies near the Hertz office, but they appear to all open at 6am as well, so trying to hitch a ride on one of their shuttles is a no-go. We've joked about having him call a cab, and right now this seems like a valid option, if kind of a silly one.

Have you dealt with this situation before? How did you make it work? Or do you know of any other options for early morning car rental-to-terminal transit options at RDU?

Note that we have tried in vain to call that particular Hertz office for guidance, but they never answer the phone or return calls when we leave messages.
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Call the other rental car offices there and get their advice.

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with getting a cab.
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Hertz has a twitter account where they respond to customers, you could try asking them there?
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You drop off the car via the key drop and get a cab. It's common, and I've done it multiple times for the same reason (or because I was flying out on a Sunday, when the rental places were closed).
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Response by poster: Update: He talked to the Hertz shuttle bus driver on his way in and learned that they start running the shuttle buses before 6am, early enough to ensure they cover all departing flights. So, nevermind! And now you know if you're ever in a similar situation.
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I've been in this situation - down to a shuttle driver saying they've got me covered. Have your partner be sure to have a taxi service phone number with them. Just in case.
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