Early morning Chicago breakfast suggestions?
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I'm looking for somewhere exciting to eat breakfast VERY early on a Sunday in Chicago. The more ethnic the better.

I have a flight arriving in Chicago at 4:20 AM the Sunday after thanksgiving. For various reasons, I don't want to get on the road toward home right away and I'd like to find somewhere interesting to have breakfast. We are adventurous eaters and would love to take this opportunity to eat ethnic food we can't get in Madison, WI. Good Indian, Ethiopian, SE Asian or Latin American possibilities would be particularly appealing. Any ideas?
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It would take some calling around to see who's open early, but Chicago Cab Fare (see what they did there?) has a list of recommended restaurants.
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I wonder if a South India place might be open on Devon Street area? I'm sorry I don't know which would be good this many years later.
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Ghareeb Nawaz (Indian food) on Devon is cheap, good, and open 24 hours, although it is not even a little bit fancy.
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You could also try Royal Coffee for Ethiopian, Uncle Mike's Place for Filipino, or Nha Hang for Vietnamese (they open at 7 a.m.).
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