Help Me Become The Cat Lady from the Uncanny Valley
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Halloween CostumeFilter: My idea this year is to dress up as a literal incarnation of a Cat Lady: e.g., regular human clothing in conjunction with as hyper-realistic a cat head/mask as I can come up with. Difficulty: must be finished by this coming Wednesday morning so I can wear it to work!

Now, I fully realize I may have bitten off more than I'm actually capable of chewing here, and if it turns out this just isn't going to work...well, there's always next year.

That aside, I'm still up for attempting to meet the challenge of actually producing something usable within the next 2 days. Problem is that I've been able to find precious little in the way of online tutorials geared toward the creation of realistic cat masks.

I don't want some flimsy paper thing, nor do I want something large, cartoonish, and mascot-y. I want something that looks like an actual (domestic) cat head, but for whatever reason, this seems to be very tricky to find.

I'm going to mess around a bit more tonight with cardboard, tape, papier-mache, fake fur, and leather, but it'd be awesome to not have to reinvent the (cat-shaped) wheel at the last minute. So if anyone has links to step-by-step "how to make your head look like a cat head" instructions, prefereably with photos, that'd be awesome. I can't imagine I am actually the first person to want to do this, but my search-fu is failing.

As far as tools and materials go: I already have the aforementioned papier-mache, fake fur, cardboard, etc., at home, in addition to a sewing machine, various types of glue/adhesives, various paper scraps in varying colors/weights, etc. I am also willing/able to purchase additional materals and components as long as I can buy them locally, as there's really no time to wait for stuff to ship. Thanks!
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Best answer: It's kind of a strange way to go about it, but you might try looking into the methods of cosplayers who made a member of the Sisters of Plenitude from Doctor Who--they are a group of nuns with cat heads pretty much as you described. It might give you at least a more specific way to Google.

Good luck!
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