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Can you recommend podcasts in arabic ?

I'm looking for weekly or monthly current events or culture related podcasts in arabic.

My arabic reading skills are poor - so I might not be able to navigate far enough on sites to find it on my own.
Most news stations (BBC, AJE, NHK) seem to have daily updates, which is too much for me - or stuff seems to be too infrequently updated.

Ideally, I'd want an equivalent to the Monocle podcast, focused on the Middle East Area - but I'm happy with anything really as long as it is updated fairly regularly or have a large enough back catalog I can dive into.
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This seems close to what you want, though yes, it is daily, but episodes are archived for a month (so you can repeatedly access them).

This podcast from Al-Jazeera is weekly, political ideas-discussions, seems pretty close to what you're looking for.

Both of these are in Modern Standard.
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