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How to find start up companies in a region?

I am looking for online websites that give details and news on latest start ups and/or companies that have received a round of funding. In addition any venues where can I find the latest and greatest on new startups in a given region would be great. Thank you.
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Where do you live?
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Crunchbase is a great start, as is PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Money Tree report. There's also a very useful website called FormDs.com that lets you search by region and date range. (A Form D is an SEC filing that private companies typically make after they raise a round of financing.) Depending on where you're looking, there are a lot of other resources that focus on certain regions.
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Techli covers startups, with a special focus on Midwestern ones.
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There's an oversupply of aspiring entrepreneurs with PM skills, and an undersupply of devs at the moment. Everyone and their dog seems to be starting an incubator. So look for meetup groups focused around incubators local to you.
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