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I'm working on a project where I've got 2 union talent already booked and one Fi Core talent on deck. I have questions.

This is a cat 2 industrial voice over project. Talent A is booked, on-card, AFTRA. Talent B, same. Talent C is Fi Core. These guys are not going to be in the same piece. They are on the same project solely because the project consists of three separate items requiring three separate talents.

I am not adopting a position on what I think of Fi Core - I'm just trying to figure out what my obligations are in hiring these guys and trying to make an ethical decision.

So, questions that I'm trying to answer:
1. If I've got the two talent who are union, and since Talent C has the option to "go union," am I obligated by law or otherwise to make Talent C "go union"?

2. If answer to 1 is "no," my instinct is that I'm just going to offer Talent C the rate on the card anyway, because there is little to no price sensitivity and I feel like that is the correct thing to do. Yes?

I realize these are rookie questions and I am going to inquire with others in person that are knowledgeable, but I am looking for resources that just lay out the rules. Googling about Fi Core has been a true and total rabbit warren, and I dislike being uninformed. Thank you.
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