Photo booth in or near Boston?
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Old school photo booth in or near Boston?

I'd love to get some pics taken in one of those old school, black and white, four-in-a-row photo booths. Where can a girl find one of those in the city of Boston, or relatively nearby?

This question from 2007 directs folks to, and according to that source, Diesel in Somerville is about my only bet. Any others they missed?

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Diesel is the only B&W photo booth I am aware of in the Boston area, and I just wanted to advise you to call ahead before you make the trek because the last time I went it was out of service.

If you are willing to accept color C-prints out of convenience, I know of color photo booths in the "Corner Mall" near Downtown Crossing and I saw one in the Regal movie theatre near Fenway.
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I'm not sure if it's still there because I haven't been in about a decade or so, but the Children's Museum used to have one.
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Arsenal Mall in Watertown has one.
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I believe there used to be one on the second floor of the Garage mall in Harvard Square, but I think it might be defunct.
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