Is there an application for OS X that can remote-control an Apple TV?
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Is there an application for OS X that can remote-control an Apple TV?

There are a few different ways in which I can use my iPhone to remote-control my (jailbroken) Apple TV, so I'm kind of baffled that I can't find an OS X app with which to do the same. So baffled that I hope I'm missing something really obvious. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share!
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iTunes, kind of. You can direct the output of iTunes to the Apple TV.
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On rereading, I say AirParrot. It does not "remote control" the Apple TV, but it does allow any output from the Mac to get to the Apple TV. You can choose the current screen or a specific app, such as a browser. This app allows me to view Amazon Prime free movies on the Apple TV, not otherwise doable.
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What you probably want is a VNC program for your desktop/laptop to the ATV. Exposed is an app that will do that but it requires jailbreaking your ATV. Nothing in the non-jailbreaking world will to VNC with IOS as the VNC server.
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Thanks, Podkayne of Pasadena, for suggesting a VNC-based solution. I do have that capacity with my ATV already, but it feels like such overkill sometimes.

To clarify my original question, I'm hoping to find an app like Rowmote or Apple's own Remote, but which runs on OS X instead of on iOS. A small app that sends commands like LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN/PLAY/PAUSE/MENU/OK over a network connection.
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