Mystery classical music
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What is this piece of music (MP3)? My daughter's music teacher (it's an initiation class for 5-year olds) gave us the sheet music before leaving on vacation and I'd like to find a correct recording.

I've transcribed it with MuseScore and exported it as a MP3 but my knowledge of music notation is limited and the result is certainly wrong. Apparently it's a classical piece from Austria, possibly written for a children choir and it may be called "All the children of the world" but my Google-fu did not return anything.
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I definitely recognize it from German CDs of Christmas music.

I did a melody search on and it bears a strong resemblance to an Alsatian folk tune La balayeuse but it's not quite the same.
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Just for giggles I put it into Shazam which said it was gwiazda betlejemska by koledy polskie.

Translated Gwiazda Betlejemska means Star of Bethlehem.

I don't have a solid read on that song, its all over the map on YouTube but it might be Little Star of Bethlehem (which would be inline with dfan's Christmas Music idea)
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Ihr Kinderlein kommet
See here for lyrics:
See here for sheet music:
See here for live performance:
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Ooh ooh found it!

It's "Ihr Kinderlein, kommet." (Wikipedia)
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Ohhhhh sardonyx you beat me!
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Not by much. And only by enough time to actually find the links.
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Oh and scratch that sheet music link. Bad copy and paste error. It should be:
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This song is also standard fare in American sacred music, where it exists as O Come Little Children. (Here's a version with hiccups which is particularly precious.)
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That song was in my Suzuki cello book 1, as "Oh Come Little Children." It's also apparently in the violin version too.
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Thanks! That's the one indeed. Amusingly I sped up the tempo by accident in MuseScore so it didn't sound like a Christmas song, unlike the versions linked above.
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I had remembered it as feeling particular Suzuki-ish, oceano, and that was my first route of search.
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