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I'm looking for women's wallet with a separate pull-out sleeve to carry credit cards and cash. Prefer to spend less than $50.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had an awesome wallet. It was a regular, woman's sized wallet (about 7x4"), leather, with the standard pockets and slots. However, the part of it that held cash and some of the credit cards was actually a separate piece that could be pulled out and carried on its own, and it was small enough to fit in a pants pocket. So basically, you could carry around all of your stuff (club cards, old receipts, multiple IDs), but if you wanted to travel lighter, you could take out just the part that held the essentials (a bit of cash, driver's license, and a few credit cards) and put just that in your pocket.

I have no idea where she got this wallet, but I want one. I'm willing to pay up to $50 for something well-constructed that will last. I prefer, but am not wedded to, leather, and I'd love it if I could pick a color more fun than black.

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Like this?
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I think in the one my friend had, the inside section folded in half like a men's wallet. But the key part of the design was that the small billfold fit into the larger wallet, but could be removed. I can't tell from that photo whether that's what your example has, but it looks like that's just the inside part, and it's not a billfold, just a little pouch with no bigger wallet part.
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If you ever feel like doubling your price, the Halogen zip-around wallet is like this. The current listings for some reason don't show the detachable part but you can see a photo in this sold out version.
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Here's a pink leather wallet that has a removable inner compartment.
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Thanks, all! None of those are exactly what I'm looking for, but you've given me some really good search terms to keep looking for.

If anyone else finds anything, I'll be monitoring the thread. And I'll let you all know if I find my dream wallet!
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Over your budget, but it does have a pull out section: Bellroy Take Out Wallet
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jcrbuzz, THAT'S IT!! That's the wallet my friend had! You're right, it's over my budget, but it's awesome to actually find it. Thanks!
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