Sending an e-mail countdown
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I'm looking for an online service that will let me easily send e-mails to a single person (a friend) of the form "99 days until x", "98 days until x", etc.

One of my friends has 100 days until a life milestone and a pager that receives short e-mails. I'd love to send a regular (maybe daily, maybe weekly) countdown to that milestone.
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Does your friend know you're doing this? If so, you could see if Google Calendar notifications could even do the trick. You'd need to set up an account that's linked to the pager, either via its email address or its phone number.
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Though, now I've thought to test this, and it looks like each email would appear as "Reminder: Testing! @ Sun Oct 28 8pm - 8:30pm (username)", so you'd have to create individual events for each calendar day leading up to the event in order for each one to say "Reminder: 95 days until Life Event! @ Mon Feb 4 (username)". Maybe not optimal solution, but free & easy-ish.
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Looks like this does what you want. I have no experience with it, just googled some terms to find it.
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