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Looking for someone who remembers a 70's TV show called "Cliffhanger". Or at least, I'm pretty sure that's the name. I think it was just a bunch of shorts a la "The Twilight Zone", but more action/horror oriented.

I have only vague memories of the show, but I seem to remember a vampire story, and there was one episode where a woman was being crushed in one of those car crushers at junkyards and crawled out at the last this ringing a bell with anyone?! I've googled but to no avail.
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Best answer: Did you try imdb?
Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula
Cliffhangers: The Secret Empire
Cliffhangers: Stop Susan Williams
It's a little odd, because Cliffhangers is listed as 3 seperate shows, but a search for cliffhanger or cliffhangers does find them.
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Response by poster: That's it, teg, nice one! I didn't think of IMDB, I always forget they have everything, including TV.
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The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh has the following (in part):

Cliff Hangers was the umbrella title for three separate serials all sharing the same hour on Tuesday nights. Each week viewers saw the latest 20-minute chapter of Stop Susan Williams, The Secret Empire, and The Curse of Dracula. To add to the "in progress" feeling, each of the three was picked up at a different stage on February 27, 1979: Stop Susan Williams at Chapter II,The Secret Empire at Chapter III and The Curse of Dracula at Chapter VI. The idea was to begin new serials while the others were still in progress, but only The Curse of Dracula managed to reach its conclusion in the brief time Cliff Hangers was on the air.

February 27 1979 - May 1 1979 NBC Tue 8:00 - 9:00
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During the title sequence for this series, was there a woman reclining in a bathtub while an unnoticed cobra slithering across the floor toward the tub?
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I was obsessed with The Secret Empire at age 8; I would never have guessed it was only on for two months.
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Hey, The Secret Empire appears to be based on Gene Autry's The Phantom Empire. Cool. There should be more singing-cowboy-finds-futuristic-underground-city type movies.
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