Quiet beaches in SD
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I'm giving someone a ride to San Diego (downtown) tomorrow and have the entire day free. What is the quietest, least busy, most isolated beach nearby? The ideal would be go a few hours without seeing anyone else but I know that's not possible on a sunny weekend day.
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What time of day, and what counts as "nearby"? I would tentatively recommend the beaches in Encinitas over the ones that are closer to the San Diego Airport.
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Er, sorry, no idea why I assumed you were going to the airport, but since the airport is basically downtown, my questions still stand.
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Response by poster: Most likely before noon, but might be any time 8-5. Nearby = 20 minute drive or less.
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I would try Blacks Beach, which is part of Torrey Pines State Beach up in La Jolla.

Another set of beaches to consider would be the beaches in Point Loma. They aren't meant for traditional recreation, so I would expect there to be fewer crowds there. I enjoyed checking out the tidepools and the lighthouse when I went.

Beaches to avoid: Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Coronado
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I was thinking something similar to what rhythm and booze is going for with Point Loma (although I'd call it OB). Along Sunset Cliffs Blvd there's a bunch of little pocket beaches at the base of the cliffs, and some are easily accessible, but not terribly well known. There's one at the end of Bermuda Street with stair access, and another that looks accessible at the end of Adair, both north of where Sunset Cliffs Blvd is open to the ocean on the west side. There may be some similar situations along the west side of La Jolla (not La Jolla Shores) by Coast Blvd or Neptune.
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