What song is this?
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Heard this chorus to a song, but cannot for the life of me find what it's from. The lyrics in question are, "inside/into each other". If I was to try to replicate the melody it would be like, "iiiiinsiiide each ooother", or, "iiiintoooo each oooother." And it repeats a few times. If I was to write the lyrics for the whole song down, this phrase would be standing alone, and take its own line. Either the song is unknown, or I have the lyrics wrong, because what shows up on Google isn't the song. The song itself was sung by a female, and at a calm pace throughout with a melody of, or just a chorus melody of: Dooooo-doo, do dooooo-do. Thanks! This has been really bugging me.
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Tempted By the Fruit of Another is what came to mind from my interpretation here.
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I don't know how to answer the genre question. It reminded me of Imogen Heap for what it's worth. Although, I think in a few instances there was a second voice, male, that would sing, but mostly it was just the one. I might suppose it's just a one-person group as well, so they also handled the background music (I don't remember if there was any - or if it was electronic or something else).

It's also a modern song, so not what cmoj posted.
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could it be "hurting" each other??? as in "Hurting Each Other" by the Carpenters?
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Sounds like maybe a Colbie Caillat song. Try Realize and see if that's close. She sometimes does duets too.
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None of those. For what it's worth, I feel confident that the lyrics are what I thought they were, and feel that it must somehow be an unknown song or something...
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Timothy Bloom and V, "'Til The End of Time"? (NSFW)
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was it Inside My Love by Minnie Ripperton? it looks like there's some more modern cover versions of it on youtube as well.
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Maybe this cover of Inside My Love?
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Is it Deliverance of the Heart?
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Where did you hear it?
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Could it possibly Fade Into You by Mazzy Star?
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Negatory to everything so far.
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Found it. For reference, it was Fields - Feathers. http://www.justsomelyrics.com/601252/Fields-Feathers-Lyrics. Thanks for the help!
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