My Googling is useless.
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Can you help me find this green hoodie? Image here.

I would love to buy this hoodie, preferably online if possible. I can't find it anywhere, and unfortunately I cannot contact the person wearing the hoodie in that (admittedly terrible) photo.

Any idea on what it might be called, or where to find it? I am open to buying it in a different colour, but the green is my preference. (It would need to be a men's medium.)

Thanks for any help or leads!
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That doesn't look like how the Adidas logo has ever looked. Wrong font. Is there a chance that this photo was taken in another country?

Sometimes you'll see knock off brands in other countries that have taken the logo and changed the font or spelling just slightly so that it looks enough like the real thing to have people buy it thinking it's legit. This might be one of those.
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I think it's going to be hard to find because I am 90% sure that is not an authentic Adidas hoodie. First off, I have never seen them render their name in anything other than their official font, with their official three bars motif. Second, the font in which adidas is written is a modestly rank free font, which is not really their style.

If you want to have a green hoodie made that looks like this, I can dig the font out for you.
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Looks like it says Adidas but the font is off and the trefoil logo isn't on it. All my searching turned up were white printed ones or w/o back logo.

What's on the front? Could it have been a spoof one with the font off - what was on the front?
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Adidas does make clothing with fonts other than the classic one.
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thanks, everyone. i had a feeling it wasn't an authentic Adidas hoodie, but because there are some t-shirts (like the ones halogen linked to) with different fonts, i thought maybe there was a chance. i have seen Adidas hoodies without the trefoil logo, so i was hoping this might be a limited edition sweatshirt or something.

might go the custom route. thanks!
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