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Offline Personal Medical Records (desktop version of

I have been using for a while to record all medical issues, medicines, labs and all other related stuff. Now I have an appointment with a new specialty center for one of my conditions and I learned that there is no way to export all the data that I entered on (about 5 years of data).

Upon more digging, I noticed that there is no clear guideline (to my understanding) on how they use that data (even for research purpose). Although they don't have my name, I am still concerned.

So here I am, to ask for a software recommendation using which I can keep all medical records at one place and all records are exportable in open formats like text or similar.

There is openEMR but I have not given try to it, may be its too much for my needs and another is Microsoft Health Vault but being MS product, most likely, it will be just another patientslikeme.

Any recommendation is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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There is GNUMed. And here is the list of open source medical records products, although they mostly look like overkill for private use.
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What format are your records actually in? Do you really need a specialized EMR product, or would a product designed to manage generic documents (scanned images or electronic files) do instead? There are a lot of possibilities if you drop the "medical" specialization.

If you want a cloud-storage product, there's Evernote (or even just keeping everything on Dropbox), while if you want to keep it on your own server in your basement (assuming you're up to the task of administering a server yourself) you could use a variety of lightweight CMS products. I can't really recommend one though, because they're all overkill for an individual — I personally just use Dropbox. (Although before I decided to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Cloud, I used a Subversion repository running over HTTPS, and I think this is a fine document management system for 90% of what most individuals need.)

'What are your actual requirements?', is I guess what I'm asking.
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