The Fate of "The European" newspaper?
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Back during the '90s, I used to read a fun English-language newspaper called "The European." Does anybody know what happened to it? Did it go out of business? Was it bought out by another newspaper? Is there any place where I can still find its content (either the old stuff, or else new news presented in a similar vein)? Thanks!
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Some info here.

The Barclay Brothers closed it a few years back and Brillo now edits the Scotsman.
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It closed in 1998 having converted to a weekly magazine format from a daily paper. It was owned by the Maxwell Group, but after the collapse of this group following the mysterious death of Robert Maxwell the title was bought by the Canandian Barclay brothers.

If you want news from a euro perspective try:
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If you're after something similar, The Week is a weekly(...) digest of European and world news in an easy-to-read format.

It's currently on super-bargain-special-offer at Amazon. $40 for a year's subscription. Link cribbed from an older AskMe question so may have someone's referrer link in it
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I would second "The Week", but I would suggest that you head to eBay for the subscription. You can usually find a year's subscription for The Week around $23-24 there...
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