Looking for drawn cats!
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What's your favorite drawn cat?

I am working on an animation of a jumping cat, and looking for references. In my mind I see it as streamlined, sleek and elegant, jumping between rooftops at night. But it doesn't have to be! Surprise me with your favorite drawn cat. Bonus points if it's jumping. Double bonus points if it's animated. Triple bonus super awesome points if it's got a model/character sheet. Thanks!
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Matroskin, the big-very-big striped cat!
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Also, Neko.
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Simon's Cat captures something about the pensive, self-obsessed quality of cats' movements. He jumps around a lot in this movie but he's made others.
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Love Neko, Hello Kitty of course, Garfield but who is better than Bill the Cat?
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MC Skat Kat of course.
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M. Chat, as seen in Paris
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Not so much sleek, but I have always enjoyed Kliban's cats. Model/character sheet (after a fashion) here.
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Solange from "9 Chickweed Lane." The "Hallmarks of Felinity" comics are easy to Google, and are absolutely hilarious. Solange is drawn with excellent poses - all of which I've seen my own cat perform at least once.


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I'm partial to Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy. He's usually in anthropomorphic poses, but manages to be very catlike all the same.

But I think the cat you really want is Hobbes. Watterson really captured the essence of catlike movement in the pouncing-gag strips, and time spent looking at Calvin and Hobbes is never wasted.
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The Cat that walked by himself
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Pusheen! Though she is rather the opposite of "sleek."
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I love the art in "A Dream of a Thousand Cats."
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Edward Gorey drew a lot of cats. Specifically Dancing Cats and Neglected Murderesses, as well as other drawings and publications and one offs.

Seconding Hallmarks of Felinity - Brooke McEldowney captures it very well.
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Oh, and Warhol's cats are pretty great too.
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I'm partial to Théophile Alexandre Steinlen's cats.
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I love Pusheen. (Site seems to down right now but here's an alternate.)

On preview: Ack, other people love Pusheen, too? CRAZY.
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Cat versus Human (and Pusheen).
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Custard, the sarcastic pink cat from Roobarb.
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Jeffrey Brown does a really good job of capturing some of the odd little cat mannerisms that are so funny. That first book is the best one.

I am in the middle of reading Brandon Graham's King City right now, so I'm loving Earthling. He has great facial expressions, though there aren't a ton of "action shots." But, fat kitty!! Sleek cats still need some of those super-adorable fat kitty moves, like the belly flop.
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I really like the way James Kochalka draws cats, especially his cat Spandy (scroll down for examples).
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Echo by Celeste Gagnon.
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Came here to say Pusheen, Brandon Graham's King City cats, Hobbes, and Kolchalka's Cat. But it's all done already. Good work, Internet.

As for animated cats, how about Kiki's cat in Kiki's Delivery Service? Or cats from The Aristocats or other Disney movies with cats (101 Dalmatians, Lady & the Tramp).
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Esther Averill's Cat Club books have some of the most charming cat drawings anywhere.
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A Cat in Paris - it's a 2012 Academy Award animated film nominee, and I have no idea why I didn't hear about it until just last week. It's available for rental on iTunes, so you should be able to see it somehow.

It might be perfect for you, too. Rooftops! Jewelry thieving! A cat with a double life as a cuddly little girl's companion and a night-time adventurer! The cat animation looks good, from what I can see, but old-school, so you don't need a computer to do it.

It looks like an awesome film anyway, so probably lots of people will want to see it.
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These are my favorite Edward Gorey cats.
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I like S.D. Schindler's cats from the Catwings series. Especially Jane on Her Own.

Also, Garth Williams' Harry Cat - or any of them really - probably because he's so good at drawing fuzzy!
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Ming, Deb Aoki's kitty from the Bento Box comic strip.
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Mooch from Mutts.
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Annnd then there's Fat Freddy's Cat... (nsfw!)
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For jumping cats, I like the little hops taken by the cat in the Chat Noir flash game. For drawn cats in general, I love the work of Dahlov Ipcar (she does wonderful animals of many sorts) and the aforementioned Edward Gorey.
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I draw a comic about a cat. I never made a model or character sheet though.
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