Where can I Get My Juice Huff On in NYC?
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Where is 'Fumehead Nirvana in NYC?

I will be in NYC overnight next weekend and have some free time.

What are the best perfume/fragrance/lotions and potions places in NYC to visit while I'm there?

Will be staying on the Lower East Side primarily and have only been to the Dyptiche store and Enfleurage in the Village on a prior visit.

Mainly interested in indie fragrances, but if there's a commercial place that has an enormous stock of European house scent, would like to know as well.
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Aedes de Venustas in the West Village. But brace for some attitude.
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Lafco is on Lafayette Street - more Euro than indie, but carries a bunch of cool stuff, including things I smelled in Florence at Santa Maria Novella.
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There is also a Santa Maria Novella on Lafayette no?

My wife doesn't think much of them, but there is a bond no.9 on Bleecker as well, pretty close to A d'Venustas
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There's also CB I Hate Perfume lab in Williamsburg.
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Two great department stores for sniffing are Bergdorf Goodman (the only place you can sample JAR outside of Paris!) and Barneys. You might also check out the New York shopping tips at Now Smell This.
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Seconding CB I Hate Perfume. If you like Demeter Scents, that's the guy who started them. This is his next venture.
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All of the above plus MiN, and don't forget Pierre Guillaume's new place, Osswald. Check the usual blogs for NYC shopping articles (NST, Non-Blonde, etc.).
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The Basenotes thread on New York perfume shopping has more recommendations.
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Atelier Cologne on Elizabeth Street is an independent fragrance house with some great scents and friendly, knowledgeable staff that really went out of their way to be helpful.

247 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
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Serge Lutens bell jars (the previously non-export line) are now available at Barneys on 660 Madison Ave. And Frederic Malle on 898 Madison Avenue. There's also Le Labo on 233 Elizabeth Street.
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Sorry if Sephora is an obvious suggestion - we don't have them in the UK so they're dead exciting for us - but when I was last in a large branch they had quite a few niche scents and things I didn't expect for a fairly mainstream chain such as Hermessences, and were happy to make up samples for us.

If I was in NYC myself, I'd be heading for Demeter and definitely CB I Hate Perfume - not only is the latter far cheaper than in the UK, but you can try out the single note blends which I believe are only available there.
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Oh yeah, I think Barney's has the Le Labo city exclusive for New York as well. The Exclusives are *very* expensive but at least you'll get to sniff them in the flesh, as it were.
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