Newly Single, New Neighborhood In PDX. Best Places?
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New Neighborhood in Portland OR! New to me, anyway. I could use some help! I now live downtown. What bars, pubs, etc, are great for a casual first date? I'm in my late 30s if that helps.

And as a secondary question, are there any great spots for actually meeting women?
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It would help to know what places you liked in your old neighborhood(s) and why.
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Yes, where in Portland.
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Response by poster: The funny thing is, I wrote that in my question but intentionally deleted it before posting because I thought I should make an effort to discover places I wouldn't normally pick. I was in an LTR and we went to the same places over and over. The new old Lompoc in NW (RIP!), the Blue Moon, the Laurelwood (at times when there were less likely to be kids). But I'm totally open to places that aren't like those at all. I'm new to downtown. Let's say I have a first date and we're meeting for drinks. I know about the Virginia and the Market St. Pub. Where else should I check out?
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Response by poster: I feel silly even posting this question since I'm not new to Portland, but I never really went on dates downtown. I have a date next week and I kind of froze when she asked where I wanted to meet up. That's when I realized I really need to make an effort to find places that are good for the whole meet for a drink and get to know you thing.
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Central, right around the corner from Voodoo Doughnuts, is great. My friends and I called it the secret bar, and used to go there for amazing cocktails. It can be a bit noisy, but would be great for a first first date.
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The Driftwood is mine and my husband's favourite bar. It is inside the Hotel DeLuxe and is great. They have really good food specials, drinks are great, and the bartenders are fantastic. It is casual and classy. I love it.
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I like Valentines, and they often have music. Clyde Common can get pretty busy but they have really good food in addition to drinks.
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2nding Valentines. Also, i have had several nice dates at Veritable Quandary; the evenings there are a bit quieter than the lunchtime zone.
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Response by poster: I can't believe I didn't think of the VQ. The booths in the front are really great. I wish they had more of them. I love tall booths. I like a feeling of having a bit of privacy, especially on a first date.
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