Please help me find the title of this book for a friend.
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Please help me find the title of this book for a friend. It's about a woman and her husband who are involved in a plane crash. Everyone aboard was killed, except for the couple. The wife is an art dealer.

Before the crash, she witnessed a "death omen"/shadow which is now following her around everywhere.
A part of the story involves a fire at an elementary school, and (possible) cover-up.

She remembers reading this book about 8 years ago.
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This sounds like The Song Remains the Same. The publisher's blurb doesn't mention it, but one of the reviews does mention she had been an art dealer.
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Yes, but it can't be the Song Remains the Same, as that was published just this year.

It sounds like maybe your friend is conflating a couple Mary Higgins Clark books, but I could be on the wrong track, too.
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Whoops! I knew that was just too easy. Here are some questions for your friend to try to jog her memory a bit to get at some of he types of details that can make the book easier to find:

Where was the book set? Does it take place in more than one location? Is one more important to the story?
When does the story take place? Are there any major current events that occur in the book?
Does she remember any character names? Name of the gallery she owned, names of the artists she represented? Any other proper nouns?
Is the plane crash the most important thing about the plot? Or the fire? Something else?
Can she remember anything else about the tone, writing style, or themes of the book?
If she were a bookseller, what category would she stock the book in? Who would she recommend the book to and why? Romance, tearjerker, literary fiction, thriller?
Does she remember anything from the author blurb? Other books the author has written or details about his/her life?
Where did she get the book? Was it from a friend, a bookstore, a particular library branch?
Was it new when she read it? Was it a bestseller at the time? Does she remember it being popular?

Yes, if I were helping your friend find this book in person I would really ask all these questions if she would let me, and probably more. You would be amazed what your memory can come up with when you start quizzing it. And any details that can be surfaced can be used in search engines or in some deft library catalog searches.
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Best answer: Hey, I think I know this one!
Quietus, by Vivian Schilling.
I picked this up once at a used bookstore, but couldn't get into it. (Looking at the Amazon reviews, it looks like I wasn't the only one).
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Response by poster: THANK YOU, maryrussell! That's the one, just confirmed w/my friend!
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