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I need an Elmer Fudd hat for a halloween costume. Where can I find something like this in New York?

I have been shocked by how many hats show up in google image searches that look absolutely nothing like Elmer Fudd's. It seems like you have to be Bill Murray to get a legit looking Elmer Fudd hat.

The closes I've found has been this hat on eBay, but since we're short on time, I'm hoping to find a hat like this in New York City. Any ideas?
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posted by 4ster at 7:39 PM on October 25, 2012

Your search term is hunting cap.
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I'm not a hat expert, but I'm pretty sure the kind of hat you've linked to on ebay is a deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes) hat. Does this search get you any closer to what you want? Or maybe something here?

I don't know places in NYC, so I'll leave that part up to others.
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I got the best results by adding "tie" and "earflap" to my search because the main thing that distinguishes your Fudd variety from a more common hunting cap style is the ribbon ties instead of velcro or buttons.

BUt no matter what, I'm not finding stuff easy to grab in NY. Filson has some possible contenders. LL Bean has a selection.

Keep in mind that Fudd's (and BIll Murray's) aren't meant to be normal but are exaggerated for comic effect. Bill Murray's turns out to be a custom hat made for a giveaway, and so definitely supposed to look like Fudd's, which is supposed to look like a silly exaggeration of a hunting hat.
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What you want is the original Stormy Kromer hat. Still made in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
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