A secure, turnkey wiki
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A hosted wiki that offers a site-wide password and caters to the less-than-savvy?

I need to centralize an information resource for a group of about 400 people on the internet. A wiki would be perfect for this, but I'm pretty intimidated by most of what I read about configuring and managing such a project. Price isn't too much of an object and server load and bandwidth requirements will be pretty light, but a password-protected* turnkey solution is a must.

*Nothing top-secret will be on the site-- I just don't want "outsiders" to be able to snoop around.
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Seconding the Peanut Butter.
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Unless I am mistaken, I don't think PBWiki lets me have my own domain, which (and I should have stated this) is pretty important to me.
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pbwiki does allow you to have your own subdomain (e.g. whateveryouwant.pbwiki.com). Would registering a domain and having it forwarded to the pbwiki subdomain be appropriate?
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Mediawiki is a very robust system, used by Wikipedia. It may be more than you need to start, but with 400 people, you'd be wise to get something scalable.

It is password-protected.
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In lieu of forwarding a domain to pbwiki, you can upload a whole-page frame which would display the pbwiki page but display your URL in the address bar.
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Web Collaborator - just sign up with them, tell them who you want to have access and done. Free too.
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