One of those nights when I miss Lester Black?
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I was in Ernie Tubbs Record Shop in Nashville a couple weeks ago and they were playing a song whose only lyric I can remember is something like "one of those nights when I miss Lester Black." The lyric was repeated often as part of the refrain. It was a country song, it sounded sort of old and had a melancholic feel to it. That is, unfortunately, all I can remember. I can't get that lyric out of my head and I really want to know what song it is. Google hasn't been any help. Please satiate my curiosity, it is driving me nuts!
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When I miss Lester Flatt, .
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Thank you! 8 minutes for a response, amazing! Lester Flatt...makes so much more sense now.
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Shucks, just a lucky synapse spark and more google was all.
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