Trees: Latin translation and etymology
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Trying to find a list of tree names with common, latin, latin translation and etymology. The first two are easy to find, but it's the last two I really care about.

(In terms of specificity, I'm most interested in the Northeast U.S., but a larger set is fine)
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The guy who runs the Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature site is into this stuff, maybe he could suggest something if contacted directly?
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I have two very useful books about Latin(and the large amount of Greek roots) plant and tree names. Each is focused slightly differently.

The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names: More technical, has more species names under Genus.


A Gardener's Handbook of Plant Names: Their Meanings and Origins: Has more bios and mythology related to the names.

I've just searched with Google and it seems like there is a lot, but the sampling I took was hit or miss; certainly not as useful as buying/borrowing books.

There is also a larger reference book i've never purchased, I think this is it: Botanical Latin. It was suggested to me by a teacher if I wanted to really get into it.
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