Present ideas for globetrotting newlyweds
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I need wedding present suggestions for a couple who are going traveling for 7 month immediately afterwards...

One of my best friends is getting married on 31. December. She and her future husband are then going to travel the world for half a year afterwards.

I can't think of anything to give them other than the usual household items or - of course - personal gifts which would be impractical when traveling. As they will have put all their belonging in storage and given up their flat, I'd rather give them something that would be beneficial to them on their journey (like a Kindle - maybe)? Any suggestions?

I have never been traveling for that long, so can't really think of what would be special but also practical to receive on their wedding day, but it's preferably also something that nobody else will think of...
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If there's something you really want to give them but don't want to add to their storage woes, give it to them a) before they've packed up; b) after they return, or; c) in care of their parents or other trusted surrogate. I guarantee you they've figured out what to do about presents that arrive near their wedding day.

That said, have you considered a good digital camera and/or related equipment? You could band together with other friends and get them a really nice DSLR. If that seems too clunky, what about a high quality pocket digital camera and some extra cards for it?
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Seriously, helping them have an awesome experience on their honeymoon is the best gift. A pre-paid Visa with some money on it and a note explaining, "For a Zip-Line in Viet Nam" or "Enjoy a bottle on me in Bordeaux."
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Off the top of my head, cash, maybe in the currency they'll be traveling with. Gift card with whatever airline for an upgrade to first class. A charitable contribution to something important to them. Something on their registry. A card telling them their traditional wedding gift will arrive in eight months, four months before Emily Post says its too late.

I'd refrain from going too practical. They've been planning this trip forever. If they wanted a camera or kindle, they'd probably have one.
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Another thought: prepaid shipping with a major shipping company and a promise to hold the packages. Being able to buy gifts and not haul them around the world would be nice, but not something I'd plan for.
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Customized luggage tags! My favourite ones are embossed leather that say "PersonA, traveling with Person B" and vice versa.
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Upgrades that will give them access to airline club rooms or lounges?
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Aren't you lovely for taking their constraints into account!

However, having traveled a little myself, I want to choose my own gear and I hate it when people buy me things that I'm going to use everyday. I would steer clear of that because you never know what their pet hates are.

I like the idea of a card saying their traditional wedding gift will be delivered on their return.

I also adore the idea that you buy them an experience on their honeymoon. You can give them cash inside a card that specifies what it's for, or you could book them tickets/buy a gift voucher if you know their plans. Of course, if you buy them something in advance, circumstances may make them unable to use it.

An alternative would be to get them something for back home, but make it something non-physical, like a life-long membership to somewhere or some kind of subscription they have to activate to start. It's lovely to get gifts that keep going for a long time after they are received.
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Getting champagne and strawberries in a hotel during our honeymoon was an awesome gift from a distant relative who couldn't make it to the wedding, and I fondly recall the occasion. They explicitly asked me for the dates and the hotel name beforehand, but even without much of a surprise element it was fantastic.
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Gift certificate for massages that won't expire before they get back. Can be used after the wedding (stress!) or for the aching shoulders they'll have after lugging a backpack around for months.
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I recently got a wedding gift of AA Admiral's Club membership. It was freaking amazing. Instead of rushing around like a crazyperson at crowded airport gates, we kicked back with complimentary drinks in quiet peaceful lounges with wifi and snacks. Find out what airline they're using, and get them access to the equivalent club. Package the card with a brochure that shows what airports the lounges are in, and you've got a fantastic gift for travelers. They will think of you every time they kick their feet up and relax before a flight with a glass of (complimentary) wine.
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Memory sticks for their cameras. You can buy so many! Or an external hard drive for them to put their pictures on.
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Money is awesome!

I got a great set of luggage and I love it, I have been using it for years!
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Some friends of mine were hitting 3 European countries for their honeymoon-- I gave them USD$50 pre-converted to Euros as their gift. All coins, though, for the heft.
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I got enough free developing and printing for a case of film once-- at the time, it was just what I needed. if they're shooting digital, I guess the equivalent would be one of those websites that will print up a book of your shots.
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