Can't send attachments from iOS apps
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I have an iPhone and iPad, both on iOS 6. Email works fine, but if I try and send a file from within any app, it looks like it works - but it doesn't. This is the case for the two different mail accounts I have set up (one Gmail, one Exchange) and it's driving me round the twist.

When I try and send a file from within an app, it brings up a new email message, which I can address just as normal. Hit send and it disappears as if it is being sent. But the email isn't sent, doesn't arrive, doesn't appear in my sent email, or an outbox as unsent. It just...vanishes.

If I attach a photo from within the Mail app, that works fine. But if I go into Photos, open a photo, and then send from within the Photos doesn't work. Suggests to me it's not a problem with my mail accounts setup, but something about how apps talk to Mail.

If you can suggest anything that might solve this, I will love you until the end of days.
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Try rebooting the devices by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and the home button for 10 seconds.
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Can you send photos over MMS or iMessage using the Photos app?
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Seems like you aren't the only person with this issue. Towards the bottom of the page, someone reports having the exact same problem as you. I think is has to do with your Cellular Network settings getting reset when you upgraded to iOS 6. There are several solutions posted in the thread, so you may want to check it out.
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Thanks all. Found the solution in nikorizz's link. (I'd actually found that thread when googling the problem, but didn't read on in it because I thought it was just about mms. Fool.)

For anyone else's benefit: settings - general - reset - reset network settings is what fixed it.
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