What was this cookbook?!
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I'm trying to identify a cookbook I once had. Difficulty: I remember almost nothing about it.

Ten years ago as a student, I had a vegetarian cookbook that I really liked, but which got accidentally left behind when I graduated. Unfortunately, I remember next to nothing about it. It was bought in the UK, and I do remember that the author was female, and had an Italian-sounding name (her first name possibly started with an O?). A lot of the recipes in it were Italian, but the cookbook itself was not explicitly so. It was meant as a fairly introductory vegetarian cookbook, and two of the recipes that I remember were definitely in there were for spinach gnocchi and apple cake.
Thanks - I know it's a very long shot!!
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It's not 1000 Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Gelles, is it? Contains both spinach gnocchi and apple cake.

Do you remember what type of store you bought it from? If it was published independently more than a decade ago it might be hard to find on Amazon.
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It wasn't Delia's Vegetarian Collection, published in 2002? If it was you can buy the book or access her recipes for free online.

Yes, I know she is Delia Smith, but the book cover just has her as Delia

Also: the best new vegetarian cookbook at the moment is the Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty. Well worth a buy.

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Best answer: Real Fast Vegetarian Food or something else by Ursula Ferrigno, maybe? I think she published mostly in the UK.
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Response by poster: Wow, yes, it was Ursula Ferrigno! I'm amazed that you were able to get that with a) so little and b) the wrong letter. Thanks a million! And I didn't know about Amazon's advanced search, awesome!
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