Please share your "dark and stormy" recipe with me!
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Please share your "dark and stormy" recipe with me!

I'm in a cooking group and this month's theme, which was only announced a few days ago was "dark and stormy." I can make an app, a soup, a salad, an entree, or an alcoholic drink.

Normally I'm all over this stuff, but I'm moving this weekend as well, so my research has been a bit off. As long as your suggestion in some way - and I'm open to creative license! - fits the theme, it could work. Even better, is if it also doesn't require difficult-to-come-by ingredients, or isn't overly expensive. It doesn't need to make a lot, since there is always too much food at these things.

(Oh - also, I don't like the namesake drink, which is a shame).

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There's an app for that? ;)

I had this "alcoholic" appetizer once, pretty sure this is the recipe or something similar.
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How about some darkened stromboli? (just a little extra toasting on the outside should do the trick)
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Thanks tilde. The one thing I of course forget to mention is please no desserts. I don't eat basically anything baked or sweet in dessert form and have no talent cooking it. Also, I'm lactose-intolerant, so... I can make things with dairy, but I can't enjoy them myself.

I bet those brownies are awesome though - I'll pass the recipe on to my dessert-ish friends!
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Dark & stormy is, apparently, a cocktail with rum and ginger ale. You could definitely do something alcoholic, or grill pineapple (or any other tropical fruit) with rum and ginger. You could grill just about any meat in a marinade/barbecue sauce made with rum and ginger.
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First thought: some kind of really dark stew - possibly with a stout or porter beer base - with corn or some other yellow vegetable (for lightning, natch). Could serve with dark rye crackers or sandwiches.
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What about making your favorite black bean soup recipe? That's "dark" and what happens to some people after they eat bean-based soups could certainly be called "stormy".

I am kind of kidding. Only kind of, though.
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Thunder and Lightning Salad? It's not literally "dark and stormy" in a visual way, but its name fits the theme.
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Stormy Rice
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Storm Cloud
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A dark & stormy is definitely not made with dry ginger, use ginger beer instead, the spicier the better.

It's a pretty good drink actually, but reminds me of being 18 just a little too much.
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Yes, a Dark & Stormy is always made with Gosling's dark rum and ginger beer, not ginger ale. Serve with a lime wedge and ice.
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i know everyone says it's always goslings dark rum (officially trademarked, i know!) but you should really try cruzan's blackstrap rum instead. we like barritts for the ginger beer.
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I don't think discussing the drink itself is really helpful to the asker. He knows what it is and doesn't like it.

Liberal interpretation: Guinness & black bean chili
Strict interpretation: Chicken, either with a rum glaze or marinated.
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The recipe I made is not really orthodox but came out really well: instead of ginger beer, mix equal parts of freshly grated ginger (use a Microplane or other very fine grater) and white or brown sugar. Squeeze lime juice into a glass and add about a teaspoon of the ginger/sugar paste and stir to dissolve, then top off with Gosling's and a shot of club soda if you want the fizz.

I named it a Partly Cloudy because the grated ginger juice makes it cloudy, and you might not like that. But it's got a very sharp ginger flavor with just enough sweetness, not as soda-pop sweet as a traditional Dark & Stormy.
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The "dark and stormy" is very popular in Barbados, so you could do a Barbados themed meal. Here's a site with links to Barbados recipes.

Another option is to generically Carribean and use the lime and garlic as a base.

I'd marinate chicken in ginger and lime juice (and salt, pepper, garlic and maybe soy sauce) and grill it. Serve with rice and black beans, sauteed spinach and Bimini Bread.

If you want an App:

Conch Fritters are all over the Carribean, if Conch is too esoteric, shrimp is a fine substitute.

Pumpkin Lime Soup is Bahamian and apt with pumpkin for fall, and lime echoing the Dark and Stormy.

This sounds like a fun evening and the Dark and Stormy is currently my favorite drink. I can get Jamaican Ginger Beer that is super-spicy and oh-so-good!
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My favorite Dark & Stormy is the following:

1.5 oz Gosling's Black Seal Rum (Cruzan Blackstrap is a legit & delicious variant)
.5 oz Domaine de Canton
Ginger beer to fill (Reed's Extra Ginger is acceptable, Blenheim's is ideal)
Put it all in highball over some ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

If you have extra Domaine de Canton left (and you will), let me just note that that is SO DELICIOUS with a little rum in some hot apple cider.
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Dark = black bean soup
Stormy = sour cream or soy yogurt, mixed with a tiny bit of ground chipotle pepper.
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For a stick-to-your-ribs winter entrée, nothing beats a Milanese Cassoeula. (The pig parts are optional.)
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Thanks for all the ideas! I'm going to make many of these, but will go with the black bean salad since between moving and cooking I'm a bit tight for time.
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