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Quick question: I have never played Bioshock. Just now I'm buying into the MacHeist 4 bundle, which contains Bioshock 2. Is it a bad idea to start part 2 without playing part 1 first? No spoilers please :^)
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I don't think it's a terrible idea. You're a new character in mostly new areas in B2, and besides a few references you'll miss very little of the story.
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The second game is perfectly playable on its own without playing the first. That being said, I think the first is a better game, and does establish all the story and setting and stuff. If you had a copy of the first one available definitely play it first, but if it's not there for you you'll enjoy the second one on its own.
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The first game was groundbreaking, and did a lot of extremely clever things with videogame storytelling.

The second game was the first game, again. Totally competent, totally unnecessary. Done by the people who made Dishonored while the original team was working on Bioshock Infinite.
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It's not an absolute must but you won't be able to fully appreciate the game without playing Bioshock 1 first.

Bioshock 2 is a pretty good game, but Bioshock 1 is a masterpiece, one of the best games of all time. I would play the first game for those reasons.
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It's standalone, and doesn't rely on knowing the first game. Play with a clear conscience. (Or a troubled one, depending on gameplay choices made!)
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You won't have any trouble following the story of BioShock 2, but it will spoil parts of BioShock 1 for you. And BioShock 1 is a better game.
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I think it's a terrible idea. Bioshock 1 is genius, B2 is kind of a boring retread of the first. You want to experience those mechanics in the framework of a brilliant story.
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2 is very similar to 1. I'd read a synopsis of the story in 1, and then play 2. Then you will get the bet of both worlds. Personally, I played 1 all the way through, then started 2, and never got very far because it was just too similar, too soon.
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In no way should you spoil the plot of Bioshock 1 to play 2. 2 is stand alone and the biggest part of what makes 1 one of the most artistic FPS games of all time is the plot. There are several big reveals. Spoiling Bioshock 1 to play 2 is like spoiling The Matrix to watch the Matrix 2 or spoiling Empire Strikes Back to watch the Phantom Menace. Bioshock 2 is fun, especially the multiplayer, but the campaign is really only fun for completionist reasons. Bioshock 1 is the classic.
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Is there any particular reason you want to play 2 first?

These are computer games. It's a good idea to play the older game first, so things like the differences in graphics don't detract from the story. And Bioshock has an amazing story, and you will get more out of 2 playing through 1 first, I suspect.

Also, while you can't spoil the plot, a lot of the little nods to the first game in the second will be lost on you if you play them the wrong way round. 2 is not really as good a game as 1, so those nods made a difference to me at least in terms of enjoyment. The main baddie you fight is the "splicer" - a sort of mutated human, won't go too far into it since you said 'no spoilers' - but there's a difference in how they are presented in the two games that will make more sense if you play through the first game first, and the second game second. Lots of little things. It's more atmosphere than plot, really, and since atmosphere is sadly the big prop that Bioshock 2 is resting on, you'll do well to play 1 first.
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Personally I don't think it matters. I found Bioshock 2 far too similar too 1 anyway, and both games far too samey and repetitive. It certainly wouldn't have made much difference to me had I played 2 first. YMMV etc, but that's my opinion, for what it's worth.
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