How can I find banks with the lowest non-customer ATM fees?
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Is there a way to find a list of what banks in a given area (for example, search by ZIP code or address) charge non-customers to use their ATMs?

Due to a series of personal moves, the closest branch of my bank is now an hour and a half from my house. For reasons I won't get into here, switching banks isn't an option for me at this time.

This is fine, since I do most of my banking online. When this presents a problem is when I want to deposit a check (my bank currently is behind the times and does not offer scan-to-deposit) or when I want to take money out of an ATM.

I rarely need to use an ATM. However, when I do, I would like to minimize the fees I am charged.

My bank charges $2.00 for using an ATM that isn't theirs. I can't change that. There was a bank near my house that charges a $3.00 fee to non-customers. Due to some fluke in the way that bank uses the global ATM networks, my bank never used to charge me the $2.00 fee when I used that particular bank's ATMs. Unfortunately, they have now caught on so instead of $3 I get charged $5 to get my own money.

What I would like to know is how I can comparison shop on the fees that other banks charge non-customers to use their ATMs. Obviously, if possible, I'd rather go to an ATM owned by Bank X if they charge a $1.00 fee as opposed to one owned by Bank Y if they charge a $3.00 fee.

Is there any convenient website where I can perform such a search? I'd rather not call every bank in my area and ask what they charge non-customers to use their ATMs.
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This is not exactly a lookup table, but I did find a surcharge-free ATM in my current town of residence.
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The State Employees Credit Union here has no-fee ATMs, under the name "cashpoints". Maybe something like that exists in your state?
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If I am not near my bank's ATM, I usually go to a drugstore like Walgreens, purchase a small item like a soda or gum, then get cash back. There are limits this way, but I don't have to spend money on fees.
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I am in the same situation. Taking Night_Owl one step further, I try to plan out my cash needs then coordinate it with a grocery or CVS trip. I like everything to go through my credit cards, but I'll pick one small item and run it debit for cash back. If pressed, I'll by some stable (toothpaste, etc) that I know I'll need eventually.
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Credit unions don't usually charge fees. I don't think USAA Bank charges either. In general, credit unions and online-only banks are your best bet for no-fee ATM usage.

The alternative is to use a major bank like Wells Fargo, Citi, Chase, etc. They have so many branches that you would really have to live in the middle of nowhere to make ATM use inconvenient.
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Maybe switch to a different online bank? ING Direct is pretty good, offers scan-to-deposit for checks, and has a network of free ATMs. If there is one near you, it might make sense to swtich.
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I have a checking account with Schwab. Any ATM fees are reimbursed. It's not my main checking account, but I use it so I don't have to care what ATM I use.
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