fall date ideas for when the sun is down?
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Casual weather-appropriate evening date ideas for two nerdy 20-somethings?

We live in CT (seperately), the leaves are falling and it's getting colder, and it would be nice to take advantage of that. Most of the autumn-themed activities are geared towards daytime/weekend, and i'd really like to surprise him with some interesting and creative ideas for after work. I'm a lady, he's a dude, we both like music/games/films/alcohol/food/hilarity. He is not very outdoorsy. Haunted Houses are out. Any and all ideas welcomed, Thanks!
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Apple picking and a corn maze? That just seems like a thing to do.

Lyman Orchards seems to have a decent handle on this.
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Response by poster: Thanks Ruthless Bunny, but this corn maze (and all of the other ones i've seen) closes at 6. The sweet spot is about 7-10pm, as we both work 10-6ish
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boozy hot chocolate + blanket + stargazing? .... + making out?
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1. an inexpensive bottle of red wine. 2. some mulling spices. 3. a telescope. 4. a star chart.

Mull some wine. Then mull over the mysteries of the cosmos.

Alternatively, if you don't have access to a telescope, visit one of the observatories in Connecticut -- looks like there are some in Westport & New Milford, and at Yale. Of course, if those are a drive, have the mulled wine afterward.
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Haunted hay rides are often a night. Also, you could meet up in a town center that has a movie theater within walking distance of a cafe to chat afterwards.
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Response by poster: I should have added that after whatever we do there will be a sleepover. thanks.
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Pumpkin carving! Easily made nerdy. Some pumpkin patches may be open late this time of year, if you want to add that on.

Bar trivia?

If there are any neighborhoods in your area where people make a big deal of decorating their houses for Halloween, you could take a walk through there to look at them. Surprisingly fun, and they're made to be seen in the dark!
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Whatever it is, it should probably involve adult hot cider.
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Best answer: Inspired by this question, I am going to invite my boyfriend over to taste-test pumpkin beers, carve pumpkins and cook something involving roast pumpkin and sausage like this.

Bundling up with a thermos of something hot and a headphone splitter and going for a long walk would also be nice.
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Best answer: Maybe get some quality stage makeup supplies and practice doing zombie faces on each other. Man. I would love this.

Oh! Backwards sleepover: meet up, get in your PJs, have fancy flapjacks, maple syrup, and maple sausage for dinner, then watch old cartoons and drink boozy cider until bedtime.
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