The simple weight loss spreadsheet that eludes me...
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This simple weight loss/calorie defect spreadsheet from years ago eludes me...hivemind, help!

Several years ago, I found a weight loss spreadsheet done by some wonderful nerdy guy who posted it on his site for download. It basically consisted of fields to input what weight you want to be and then it would calculate based on what you put in what your caloric intake would need to be AND how your weight would decrease depending on you adjusted your calorie intake/deficit over time.

It was brilliant and very simple and I cannot seem to find it anymore despite tons of searching. I know there are tons of these now, but this one was unique and my google-fu fails me.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Sounds like The Hacker's Diet?
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Looks like the spreadsheets might need a login now...
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Response by poster: I found this during my searches as well, but I am fairly certain this is not the same guy. The original creator was an asian guy who did it for himself as a side thing and posted his results. The Hacker's Diet is vastly more intricate than what I am looking for here, though the weight forecast spreadsheet is along the lines of what the elusive sheet did, just over a longer period of time and with adjusted caloric values/loss.
It was brilliantly simple.
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It's by an asian woman, and I dunno about "brilliantly simple", but this spreadsheet based on the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle might be what you're after?
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