My Places on My iPhone (aka Google vs. Apple)
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What is the best way to see and use Google's "My Places" on an iPhone 4S that still has iOS 5?

My friend and I collaborated on a map saved in Google Maps/My Places for a trip we're taking this weekend. She doesn't have a smartphone, and I will bring my iPhone 4S which I have not upgraded to iOS 6 yet.

I would like to be able to see the places we've saved on our My Places map, preferably in a usable Google maps interface so we can navigate.

I did the quickest and most cursory of web searches, but I was not immediately struck by the answer. I don't really have the time to search for it, so I was someone in the hive would be able to help me off the top of their head. I don't mind buying a paid app if it comes down to that, but I would like it to actually work!
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You'll be wanting the My Places for Google Maps app.
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Best answer: The My Places app gets pretty bad reviews in that link and appears to be feature-limited unless you pay.

I really like the (totally) free "My Maps Editor" - I've been travelling with it for years, no complaints other than that it doesn't have built in offline mode. However, if you browse the location you'll be travelling in before you leave for the day, the data will remain in the cache.
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Response by poster: My Maps Editor works like a charm!
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Google Earth for iOS lets you view maps you've created in Google Maps. Tap the wrench icon, then sign in to the account you created the map in -- you should be able to see the Map you've collaborated on. The app in any case is free and excellent; give it a try.
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Unless I'm missing something you can simply go to with the Safari app, can you not?
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