I want to be RuPaul, except opposite.
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If I were to become a professional drag king how would I do it?

Assume that I have been both a viewer and participant in a few shows, have basic costume building skills, no dance skills (but very willing to learn), and no fear of public speaking.
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Most drag kings are members of troupes, and troupes have set protocols for joining. They also usually put on regular shows, have meetings, and so forth. I would google your city+troupe, and see if you can find one. Generally, you inquire with the members to find out how to join, either through their web presence or at a show.

You typically start performing by volunteering to perform with an established king in a number that they're planning, although some folks do perform from the start as a "guest" performer with a solo number.

There are also lots of websites and YouTube tutorials about applying facial hair, binding, etc. as well as videos of performances for inspiration.

Please feel free to MeMail me for more info, I've been involved with the scene for a long, long time.
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